Warhammer Online's Cut Content Will Be Added For Free Later

1UP: Fans of massively multiplayer games who were looking forward to Warhammer Online were understandably shaken this summer when it was announced that some major features were being pulled from the game. However, those worried fans can now take heart. [...]the cut content that does find its way back into Warhammer Online will be reintroduced free of charge - not as part of a paid expansion.

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cahill4077d ago

we all want free stuff

Bolts4077d ago

The likely hood of this ever happening is extremely slim. Its not like they cut out some fluff and dance emotes. We're talking about several classes and capital cities here. Thats enough content for two expansions they shaved away to make the release date, and its not like they can wave a wand to make all this stuff appear out of thin air without any rebalancing or RvR impact. RvR will have to be retooled and balanced for the new cities, new scenarios and PQs will have to be added, existing classes will must be stabilized and fixed.

In other words, by the time Mythic put all cut content back in, free or otherwise, the vast majority of release date players will no longer be there to care.

Baka-akaB4077d ago

Of course they can , its "only" 4 classes and some cities. the actual content of those removed cities were added to the current ones .
And its obvious they already got spots for planned new locations , like every fricking mmo .

As for classes , adding back the knight for empire lets say , wouldnt kill the balance , but actually might help early stage of it , with the empire lacking a tanking class .

Besides it not like they even promised the whole thing as a single patch ... but most likely multiple content ones through the year .

kwicksandz4077d ago

They have a while to re implement it anyway because people wont reach the level cap for some time.

LinuxGuru4077d ago

I need to play this game.

I love WarHammer.

Games Workshop FTW!

Baba19064077d ago

cool, im really excited about what the future will bring for this game. im still low lvl but really enjoying the experience.

mariusmal4077d ago

git this today. CE edition FTW, best special edition ever.

btw this is good news since i missed the cutted greenskin choppa class.