Every FPS Halo Will Have Split-Screen Going Foward; 343 Indstries Boss Talks Taking Risks and More

343 Studio Head Bonny Ross talks about her pride in the work of her team, but also the harsh lessons they learned over the years.

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Nyxus604d ago

Thank you! Biggest letdown of Halo 5 was the lack of splitscreen.

Paytaa604d ago

Same. The marketing was so sick though with Hunt The Truth and what not. Sadly the actual story was very disappointing.

603d ago
YEP414603d ago

I liked halo 5 campaign!! I agree with you tho for halo standards the halo campaign should be better..I believe people hated he campaign cause you splitting the main character master chief and how. They made it seem like the story was go be more epic and it wasn't.,,remember the level and halo 5 when they had the people living in the area and families and they guy was making the announcement over the screen I feel they should build a rpg halo on that design alone beautiful!!!!

They did take risk they took master chief out half the game and I believe that's why people hated the campaign still my favorite halo campaign and no by far 9/10

SirJoJo603d ago (Edited 603d ago )

@ Ashunder
I agree, it was... especially coming off the great story Halo 4 had and hunt the truth, I was so hyped and then was given a mediocre story in Halo 5.

I'm half way through Halo Wars 2 and the story is so much better and seems like a great setup for halo 6, i really hope they continue at this level or better (I know...different developers but it would be silly to think that there isn't a collaborative effort to gel the univers together) in the halo 6 campaign.

I must add that I absolutely love the Halo 5 multiplayer though, coming from a super halo fan I can say it's the best halo multiplayer of them all and I'm not talking about warzone (not interested), I'm talking good old slayer, big team battle and amazing arena mode. I literally don't want them change anything for halo 6 multiplayer except for more maps, more vehicles, maybe more guns although not that necessary and better graphics, the mechanics/gameplay is perfect.

KillBill603d ago

I don't know about that. I actually enjoyed the story. And it made me even like the idea of new avatars other than Cortona in future games being a thing.

Only thing that really got me in Halo 5 was it seemed like boss moment fights turned out to be mainly cutscene emotional setups instead of what could have been intense combat fight moments.

That and of course the lack of split screen which made it the first title with co-op that my son and I could not play together.

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badz149603d ago

"taking risk" and then proceed to talk about more Halo. Seriously, where's the risk??

Sparta07603d ago

🤣 that's what I was thinking.
It would be cool if they did something different but I guess they aren't allowed.

Chano603d ago

@Sparta what? you do realize the name 343 is from halo right? 343 guilty spark? 343 making a game that's not halo wouldn't make sense. that's like making a studio out of something from avengers say Spider-Man and have them make a Bleach game or batman

zeuanimals603d ago


That's pretty sad. MS created a studio specifically for pumping out one specific series. You know they're kicking themselves for not letting Bungie create Destiny, right? That giant franchise could have been theirs if they would have just given their biggest studio the freedom to make it.

Atleast let them have a break from it. Maybe they could learn something and improve the series? Uncharted gunplay, stealth, AI, exploration, and interactivity was all a bit meh before the team took a break and made TLOU, which taught them how to improve Uncharted and make 4 what it was.

Chano602d ago (Edited 602d ago )

@zeuanimals you act as if a studio dedicated to halo is bad? All of microsoft franchises are billion dollar franchises, halo franchise as a whole is worth 4+ billion dollars so it's wrong to create studios for halo only? I see you're not up to date on how bungie really is? They've done some mean odd stuff in the past even with halo, halo 2 mostly. Search stuff up. Even the amazing Marty o'donnell(did soundtrack for halo games) sued bungie's ceo over unpaid benefits.

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rainslacker602d ago

I'm of the belief if they weren't on a deadline to deliver the game as soon, that split screen would have made it into the game. I never brought the line that it wasn't important anymore. Just seemed like an excuse to avoid saying that they didn't have time to get it working.

Taking a major feature from a game, which has been with the game for so long just seemed odd to me. Even if it isn't used by the vast majority, doesn't mean that it's one of those features that actually appeals to a lot of people, and has it's place in the franchise as a whole. Split Screen Halo was some of the most fun I've had with a FPS during the game nights I have with friends.

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Neonridr604d ago

Nice.. so many fond memories of playing through the Halo campaign with my buddy split screen.

-Foxtrot604d ago

Good so now there's no reason to have Squads forced with you in the puts too much of a strain writting for too many characters at once

Get back to Chief and someone else for Halo 6 as they go solo.

Oh and kill Locke off...guys it didn't work, you tried to get a character to replace Chief and it failed. Best thing they can do is kill him off.

I'm hoping Chief will be stuck with Cortana in the next game, like they are forced to work with one another despite their new conflicting views.

Zeref603d ago

Locke wasn't meant to replace Chief at all. At least it didn't feel that way to me.

YEP414603d ago

Kill off Locke cause he black?? No make it as a master chief and Locke rpg .,split screen would be killer

Princess_Pilfer603d ago

IMO the best story (outside the books) is Reach. It's also the best game in the series by a country mile though, so it's possible I'm biased. Master Chief, at least in the games, isn't really an ineresting character. Reach did the same thing with the "protagonist" but had the sense to focus more on the exploits of the squad as a whole, and then fill the squad with at least somewhat interesting characters.

CocoaBrother604d ago

Thank goodness. My brother and I were disappointed there was no coop in 5.

Paytaa604d ago


It's been a staple since '01. Don't change it.

Now they just need a great story to clean up 5's mess of a campaign. Pair that with H5's brilliant MP (built upon of course) and 343 will finally hit the mark.

Hopefully a trailer at E3.

game4funz603d ago

Not just trailer. Halo 5 has been out for a while so hopefully Gameplay with Scorpio or something.

Paytaa603d ago

I'd wager multiplayer gameplay if anything. They'll most likely save single-player footage for next year's E3.

Trekster_Gamer603d ago

That would be digging AWESOME, if they showed Halo 6 footage on the Beast that will be Scorpio!

Zeref603d ago

Doubt we'll hear anything at e3

Paytaa603d ago

Mainline Halo games are on a 3 year dev cycle. We're definitely getting at the minimum a trailer for Halo 6 at E3 and it will release in 2018. I recall Microsoft saying that starting with Halo 5, every Halo game will receive a multiplayer beta so I'd expect news on that as well since Halo 5's beta was a year in advance.

Chano603d ago

It wouldn't surprise me if they show halo 5 splitscreen at e3 with scorpio they did say they needed more power to do splitscreen. normally on the o.g. xb1 it wouldn't be possible having to render twice the amount of all those A.I. on screen

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