Battlefield 4 PC Getting New User Interface

EA shot out an email this morning announcing that BF4 PC will be getting a new UI. It's interesting that a couple of years old game is getting this kind of treatment but the email points out that the UI is already active on all the other platforms so I guess they thought, hey why not. Also notable, just how many active users are there for BF1 vs BF4 vs BF3. Fragmentation much?

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Captain_Tom1700d ago

A couple years?!

Try 3.5 years! And why are we complaining about good long-term support?

In fact my dream would be a complete integration of BF4, BF1, and Battlefront with each other. That way you just boot up the "Battlefield Universe" and play with your friends in whatever time period you feel like that evening.

docsavage1700d ago

My dream would be Karkand in BF1. But yeah, longer-term support is great, especially from EA.