Samsung SSDs Boost Performance for Lenovo's ThinkPads

As mentioned in several previous articles, solid state drives continue to invade the market, as we are seeing more and more storage vendors releasing better and higher-capacity SSDs. In addition, several system manufacturers have already introduced some of their new products that have been built to take advantage of the latest in Flash-based storage solutions. Just recently, Lenovo has announced a couple of new ThinkPad portable systems that are equipped with Samsung's latest SSDs.

This is an ongoing trend and it's highly likely that we'll be seeing more systems that sport SSDs as a storage option, as the technology will continue to advance and SSDs will deliver faster performance, higher capacity and better price per Gigabyte. However, until they become a standard solution for the majority of computer users, some of today's more demanding customers can already benefit from a number of systems featuring the latest in SSD technology.

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