Wireless 802.11n Closer to Becoming a Standard

Today's 802.11 b/g wireless standard could soon be history as the emerging 802.11n Wi-Fi networking standard is expected to become the next major upgrade to current wireless technology. Although you might think that the 802.11n has already been released, the fact is that equipment manufacturers have released their 802.11n-compliant products, relying on drafts. However, it looks like the final draft is on its way and users will soon be able to fully benefit from the technological advantages of the new wireless standard.

The IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) has not yet approved the final 802.11n wireless technology, but some wireless devices, including routers and notebooks, already feature support for the emerging specification. The new technology has been designed to deliver new features, including multiple-input/multiple output (MIMO) and channel-bonding/40MHz operation, ultimately improving wireless connectivity for supporting devices.

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