Yahoo!: Console Wars, Slugging it Out

The Wii is still impossible to get. The Xbox 360 is roaring back. And Playstation 3 really struggles.

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Tapewurm4074d ago

You like to keep it real......real dumb....totally useless post lol PS3 not in trouble at all. Jeebus!

DavidMacDougall4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

"That makes sense because it smells like Mexico"

-Roger The Alien

Winter47th4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

I wouldn't take anything they say too seriously.

LightningPS34074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

how crazy PS3 fans are.

The PS3 is in trouble, because too many of the big games this gen are now multi and PS3 is pricing themselves out, this whole gen they have been loosing PS2 fanbase just because of price. If they don't cut price, they will be in huge trouble this holiday, the year that was supposed to be PS3's.

What are you guys gonna say when the NPD comes out and PS3 is loosing big? Are you still gonna spin it? Deny it??? That won't help.

OGharryjoysticks4074d ago

It's not really spin. I think Sony isn't worried about the same things that everybody here is. People here on N4G look at each month of each consoles sales and freak out over everything, but we don't know the bottom line or what is best for the company. Sony has 3 systems out on the market and I know they are making money from their games division. The PS3 is going to be around for a long time (what is this year 2 of 10?) and the funny thing is I think Microsoft needs to release the next Xbox soon because HD games evolve and the lack of Hard drive coupled with the DVD space is going to kill them in 2 years which will be year 4 of 10 for the PS3.

UnSelf4074d ago

im gettin really tired of this Lightning guy.

Months ago u made sensible posts.

Now every post is a bash.

Somebody plz get the original Lightning back.

ChrisGTR14074d ago

lol. lightning is an ex hardcore ps fanboy. good to see him do the impossile and break free.

UnSelf4074d ago

the only thing he broke free frm was intelligence.

its bad enough u name urself after a system no matter whose side ur on.

its worse to blatantly bashed that very same system jus to be heard.

yamamoto1144073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

I own all three consoles. So therefore, I WIN THE CONSOLE WAR. =P

PS3 won't lose. None of the consoles will lose. Regardless of how well they do against each other, regardless of how many sales one makes over the other, the bottom line is that they're ALL doing well right now, and the fact that they're constantly trying to outdo the other means we'll get a better PS3, 360 and Wii.

Seriously. Think about it. 360 came first. PS3 came next, PS3 starts taking ideas from 360 and coming up with new ones, now 360's doing exactly the same thing to the PS3. They're constantly trying to top each other. In the end, all we see is that both consoles just keep getting better and better, and soon it'll get to the point where they're both like, amazing. Guess who wins in the end? Us. Because we're playing these amazing consoles.

Therefore, we win the console war. NOW STOP FIGHTING and just bathe in the glory.

god_o_war4073d ago

i dont know why every one is saying that sony is loosing its ps2 fanbase out of all my family and frends 15 own a next-gen console and where previous ps2 owners and 13 own a ps3 7 own a wii and 1 own a xbox 360.... its jus an example.

Fox014073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

Out of all the members of my family, I'm the only one that own a next-gen console (360); one of them owns a PS2 and a gamecube, the other... a Wii (my 5 yr old nephew), and my little sis (9yr) owns a DS
And on my friends side; 1 owns a 360 and the others (4 of them) own PS3s

ChickeyCantor4073d ago

Come on, you call that bashing?
Why not go against him with arguments proving him wrong?
The only thing i see you do was bash him.

arika4073d ago

microsoft knows that ps3 will own the last quarter of the year that is why they are trying to do everything they can to stop it. just take a look at what's happening....

1. they lower down the prices(although it did not help much) just look at amazon, ps3 is still selling more than they do.

2. their brain washing black propaganda machinery is on the move again.(this article is a prime example)

3. lightningps3 is on the aggressive anti-PS3 mode again...

these are just a few signs that xbox 360 is in big trouble and not ps3... keeping it real my friends

arika4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

in trouble of getting sold out this holidays. let us see why?

1 resistance 2
2 little big planet
3 home(free)
4 motorstorm 2
5 socom confrontation
6 wipeout hd
7 naruto ultimate ninja storm
8 valkyria chronicles
9 buzz! quiz tv

those are just the exclusive ps3 games.
how about the improved versions of several good games like:

10 bioshock improved version
11 eternal sonata improved version
12 alone in the dark improved version

also we can't forget the multiplatform games

13 fallout 3
14 prince of persia
15 rockband 2
16 far cry 2
17 midnight club LA
18 silent hill homecoming
19 guitar hero WT
20 james bond QS

and the last for me would be because

21 it is best bluray player around

well what you guys think?

Genesis54073d ago

In trouble? They have out sold their direct competition 6 of the last 9 months in it's own teritory(all 9 world wide). The 360 roars back? It won by 10 thousand units in August(NPD not including PS3 bundles). Thats a roar? It is roaring so much it has had to take deep price cuts all across the board.

Death4073d ago

NPD includes hardware in Bundles. It's the software that isn't counted. Wii Sports is a bundle. You think NPD is skipping those?


Genesis54073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

You could be right there. I was just going on what I read in a blog. I will have to check with a more reliable source to know for sure.Still 10 grand is not a roar.It will be interesting to see what happens with Sept numbers.

LoVeRSaMa4073d ago

If PS3 is in trouble then Yahoo is dead and buried.

They are the Phailengine that runs the PhailTrain of a Train wreck of a so called search engine.


UltimateIdiot9114073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

I've been on Yahoo long enough to know that all they post are crap and very bias crap. I've seen so many "patriotic" articles, and other articles that bashes other countries (products, policies, etc). The only reason why I use Yahoo is to check my Spam.

Yahoo has been supporting USA (blindly and stupidly) for a long time now. I'm not surprise if they try to spin things in favor for 360.


LeSouteneur4073d ago

console in trouble is the one struggling to outsell a system that is double the price. Either way, who cares what this schmuck has to say? No console is in trouble, get over it.

MNicholas4073d ago

The entire purpose of that video is to discourage people from buying PS3s. It was literally PS3 bashing (as shown in the homer simpson clip).

How the mighty have fallen? Sounds like bitter fanboys still yearning for their Dreamcast.

Genesis54073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

They seem to be taking the approach some US politicians take. If your candidate isn't good enough, slag the other guy.

DaTruth4073d ago

Didn't Microsoft just make an offer for this company? 45billion I think it was? That must be the most microsoft has paid for anti-ps3 media this gen!

Death4073d ago

As a result of Yahoo rejecting the offer, their stock lost about half it's value. Microsoft didn't give Yahoo a nickel.


egm_hiphopgamer4073d ago

that yahoo post was stupid and inaccurate bit time everybody check out it's on N4G right now enjoy it and please leave me feed back ok 1luv and god bless and keep on gaming.

This video link leads to 1 of many classic E3'08 interviews
HipHopGamer vs Aaron Greenburg check it out

Jake11114073d ago

People, people, people!

I own all three next gen systems. I am being completely honest when I say this.

1) The wii is only good for wii sports. Only turn it on at parties.

2) The 360 is a coffee holder. I will never buy another 360 title unless Microsoft develops a larger storage medium. 30GIG MINIMUM. And no way! I am not swapping disks... That is not acceptable this gen. I have played all the best games on 360 and nothing comes close to the PS3 exclusives.

3) The PS3 is the true next gen system. I love this machine. I never have to worry about the length of games and detail being truncated due to disk space. Games like Warhawk, RFOM, Motorstorm, R&C, MGSIV, GTA, Heavenly S and soon SOCOM, LBP, RFOM2, KILLZONE 2, etc make this an easy decision.

These comments are based on truth. No fanboy or lies. The PS3 is the best system of this generation.


4073d ago
Daishi4073d ago

Well Jake if you don't like swapping discs do you just play the same game until a new one comes out then throw aweay the old one? If that's the case get on Virtual console and get you some classics and never have to swap a disc! You've already got a Wii, right...

Jake11114073d ago

The point I am making is the 360 is inferior in all aspects.

I have a question for any 360 owner reading this.

Have you ever played any of these games, Drakes Fortune, RFOM, Heavenly S, MGSIV from beginning to end?

If you have (honestly) you will see what I mean. The games are amazing. They are detailed beyond anything on the 360. The AI is also above anything played on the 360.

I played 360s best game. Namingly one I liked (Gears of War). I played it over and over. Found all cog tags etc. But you have to admit that:

a) the game is way too short.

b) The boss battles (besides the berzerker) were pathetic.

c) The online was a pathetic addition to the game.

My point is, the 360s dvd drive is way too small for this generation and I think it is a slap in the face to make games multiple disks to create larger more detailed games.

I dont want to see microsoft get out of the console hardware business because I truly believe Sony wouldnt have made the PS3 this powerfull this generation if it wasnt for Sony.

Competition is great for all of us.

I still believe the truth must be told by an avid gamer who has all 3 consoles.

The PS3 is the console to own (if you only buy one) this generation.


etownone4073d ago

"I still believe the truth must be told by an avid gamer who has all 3 consoles."

Are you an idoit? because you keep trying to point out that your OPINIONS are the truth?

FACT: 360 has SEVEN exclusive games rated over 90% on, the ps3 only has one. So if a consumer wanted to make an informed desicion based on facts, the can say the "truth" is that all the respectable websites and magazines have come up with a combined average total score of all the games out there, and its a FACT, the exclsuive games on the 360 are rated higher, thus considered better than the ps3.

And those are the FACTS coming from another avid gamer.

My opinion, 360 is going to SMASH the ps3, because it's the better system for games, no doubt.

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DavidMacDougall4074d ago

Whats that ps2 you have heard all this sh!t before and these suckers are always wrong

Whats that 360 ..what ...I CANT HEAR YOU OVER YOUR FAN!!!..(Takes disc out) Thats better what where you saying ....Im screwed after the spike of sales because of the price cut im gone

lnfinite4074d ago

You feel a Burning Sensation in your Upper and Lower Body?

'_'4074d ago

{you only have 2 weeks to live...}

---------Nona-------4074d ago

Whats that 360...huh...I have to PAY TO TALK TO YOU?!??!!???

Wenis4073d ago

people talked about how the PS2 would fail because of its price? lol

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4073d ago

The Wii is still impossible to get. The PS3 is roaring back. And xBox 360 really struggles.

That's the Truth!!!;)

JasonPC360PS3Wii4073d ago

^^^like chickens with thier heads cut off^^^

Sergeant Osiris4073d ago

"please stop spreadind disinformation about microsoft's DEFECTIVE console, it is still dying on a regular basis and when the class action finally drops on their laps I wouldn't want to be one of the outlets accused of misleading the consumer."

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4073d ago

xBox 360 is DYING
xBox 360 is DYING
xBox 360 is DYING
xBox 360 is DYING
xBox 360 is DYING

PopEmUp4073d ago

lol more like roaring back with it jackpack taking off

dukadork4073d ago

a buncha corrupt baboons pull a large piece of propaganda BS out of their ass and instantly we have another collective premature ejaculation during the following anti-sony circle jerkoff: so much envy, so much jealousy, so little experience!

sony owns this fall, this winter, and next year but hey: i don't have any sponsor to generate ad traffic for!

lawman11084073d ago

Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah a Bye-Bye PS3 ahahahahahahahaha

GameDev4073d ago

nigga please, they tried the same crap before last years holiday season.
They even had that d1ckbag Kevin Pereira on G4TV saying the EXACT SAME WORDS. "The PS3 is in trouble folks". Then it goes on to outsell the 3fixme in 07 and 08. Don't listen to idiots who know nothing about gaming trends.

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Stryfeno24074d ago

The PS3 fanboys is not going to like this...But I agree. The Wii is dominating.

DavidMacDougall4074d ago

Sonys Playstation is the gun ,The Wii is the bullet and the 360 is the target

4073d ago
xaviertooth4073d ago

are u trying to insult?

PS3 is the MAGNUM, for which Wii is the rounds and the 360 is the ZOMBIE!

one hit and it'll blow the head.

*** resident evil fan here!

MizzRock4073d ago

the wii is not dominating i would say xbox is starting to dominate, the wii was dominating before but not anymore.

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cleanhealthy124074d ago

i'm selling mine and might even get a 360 + a game with the money since they're $200 now!

kingOVsticks4073d ago

"ps3 sucks now
i'm selling mine and might even get a 360 + a game with the money since they're $200 now! "

dude chill out you never had a PS3 to begin with if you did have a PS3 you wouldn't say it "sucks now" when LBP,WipeoutHD,Resistance 2,naruto,motor storm 2 etc just around the corner.But I do recommend saving up for a 360(or a PS3 ;P) since many very epic games are coming out for both.

Fox014073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

Seriously kid, you don't have a PS3 and I don't think the PS3 is doing that badly. Unlike Microsoft, they don't need a price cut to compete this fall, they're doing it with shyte load of games.

I guarantee you, that the Wii will stop selling when the PS3 reaches the $300 price tag. Which means that as from next year, with it's library of exclusives, and it's price... you'll start having Wii-like numbers for the PS3.

LoVeRSaMa4073d ago


Of course they are going to say things like this =]

more like "xbox is so desprite they need to call in all microsofts recourses to try and push mad media"

Its pathetic [=

Death4073d ago

Sony doesn't need to cut the price since they are selling consoles with games? Sony has made two $100 price cuts in less than two years. They alreay made their cuts just to be where they are today. It was a sound business move to cut the price early since it has helped increase console sales, but they are cutting deeper into their profits from the gaming division. Sony is in trouble. They are rapidly losing marketshare and sales are not strong enough to reverse this trend. The 10 year plan is a myth. The only reason the PS2 is on a "10 year plan" is because it still sells and has a huge chunk of marketshare that is still viable this generation. The PS3 will sell as long as demand justifies production. In all honesty, the PS3 didn't make one year before Sony was forced to stip down the console to help increase sales.


p.s. Yahoo is not owned by Microsoft. The deal fell through months ago and Yahoo stock has plummeted. If anything, Yahoo hates Microsoft.

TheExecutive4073d ago

If you are going to sell your ps3 I know ppl who will buy it. What sku do you have? PM me.

Yipee Bog4073d ago

I know my cousin wants one too. he is a god of war fanatic. If you still want to sell your ps3 pm me. only if its the 60 gb though

cleanhealthy124073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

-PS3 60 gig Owner since Nov 17, played the best games.

(not pictured= GH3, Uncharted, Motorstorm, Warhawk (PSN store version) )

ive played socom beta, private r2 beta, home beta, and private k2 beta.

They SUCK.

LBP i would probably not get, looks for little kids.

360 + Halo + GoW > anything on PS3

EDIT: Ok, so i dont know how to upload pics, so ill just link em

waltercross4073d ago

Funny, People saying "PS3 Sucks now!".
These are the same people who have always said the PS3 Sucks.

What I can never understand is how could a gamer say
that a gaming console sucks?, Fake Gamers, get off
the site.

Before this Generation is up I'm going to own ALL THREE consoles.

bigman73874073d ago

what's your PSN ID then?

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Tsalagi4074d ago

I knew this would make it on N4G before midnight. Thanks whoever posted it. You won me some money on a bet.