Fusion-IO Launches the Fastest SSD Ever

Fusion-IO managed to take the concept of Solid State Drive to a whole new level through the launch of their new ioDrive able to reach the highest levels of performance ever delivered by a SSD. The new Fusion-IO product does not resemble a standard SSD, either in form or in delivered speed, which is stated to reach 800MB/s for read operations (about four times more speed than the fastest SATA SSD on the market) and about 680MB/s for write. The drive is also able to handle 100,000 random IOPS.

What makes this drive so different and, at the same time, fast, is the fact that it rather resembles a RAM drive than a SSD. And there is no SATA or PATA interface to be used, instead the ioDrive connects through PCI Express x4, which adds the performance boost. We already know that SSDs use NAND flash memory chips instead of mechanical parts, fact that generated their name, and the new Fusion-IO drive also uses SLC NAND flash memory circuits.

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