New Call Of Duty 3 Maps Do Not Work

Its seems as though gamers who download the new Valor Map Pack for the Xbox 360 are in for a surprise. None of the maps work.

After an already buggy start with it's release (lets not forget about COD2), Call of Duty 3 has yet again released content that at this point seems %100 non-functioning. Once you pay your money, download the map pack, and boot up the game you will find that none of the new maps are even available at the map selection menu.

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Boink5223d ago

good job guys, at least good to know I won't be downloading them soon:)

DOCTOR 1875223d ago

It looks like Treyarch, Activision, and Microsoft screwed over the COD3 franchise big time.

COD3 is a great game that is being ruined by the incompetence of some of the people that work on the games development.

An 800 point, 10 dollar download, for 5 maps that do not work, and Microsoft does not want to issue a refund, or make any public comments.

For the record this download is no longer available for download on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

I was also finally able to get my 10 dollar, 800 point credit back after my third call to 1.800.4MY.XBOX. If you are going to call to request a refund, ask to speak to someone in the Xbox live billing section. No one else will be able to assist you, and do not be afraid to ask to speak to a supervisor.

Please do not let them repair this download with your 10 dollars in their pockets. Ask, and demand a refund.

Microsoft must be the only company in the country with a set so big that, they would have you buy 5 maps that do not work, and then have the balls to tell you that they will not be giving you a refund...

MissAubrey5223d ago

Do you think these guys did this crap on purpose? If you do Youre a bigger fool than I thought.

THWIP5223d ago

...but they DO have the VERY CLEAR disclaimer prior to every marketplace download, that there are NO REFUNDS.

Infinity Ward NEVER fixed the issue with their "disappearing" maps. Everyone knew the workaround (back out of MP mode,go back to main menu, go to SP campaign without loading a map, back out again, then back to MP and the maps show up) so it wasn't a big issue; as long as there's a solution/workaround, there's no need for a refund.

Arkham5223d ago

MS is not going to screw anyone over buggy maps. They'll obviously make amends somehow, prob. with a free download or patch that checks for the faulty ones.

Crap like this happens. No one should freak out. (Except for the kids who were dying to play them immediately, of course.)

Zinswin5223d ago

C'mon, I like MSFT and the XBox more than most, but it's rediculous for you to say that the disclaimer says NO REFUNDS, so tough luck. I have every faith that MSFT will make amends, but I'd be really p1ssed if I spent the 10 bones for absolutely nothing.

I am very surprised that with all of the delays on some items for "further testing and live certification" that something this huge was missed. Who fell asleep?

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DOCTOR 1875223d ago

Quality control should ensure that no such bug infested product was released.

And if it is released the company at fault would be liable for issuing refunds for the defective product that it just past off as durable goods.

The error reveals a larger problem with Microsofts testing and certification process. Activision, and espcially Treyarch deserve alot of the blame too, however Micorsoft is the one that takes your money and is the company with the product on THEIR website.

You see Haloalldaylo, it dosnt matter if it was an honest mistake,or done on purpose. If it was a mistake, why not offer refunds...???

If I were Bill, I would fire someone at Microsoft for this screw up. At 10 dollars a download, Bill missed out on a lot of quick and easy money today.

If you think thats good business your a much bigger fool than I thought..

THWIP5223d ago

You fail to understand that a software patch or add-on IS NOT considered a "durable good". It has no physical form, like the original game burned on the disc. The internet...particularly electronic distribution of still in it's infancy in the world economy, and therefore can't be treated as a "typical" facet of commerce. Glitches are a very common problem in software; factoring in issues related to data transfer over a virtual space only adds to potential problems.
If a Cable Network has "technical difficulties" that cause you to miss your favorite show, or a game you've been looking ARE NOT going to get a refund for the content you missed out on. Even if you pay $30/month for basic, just to watch one show, on one station, and you missed that show because of some ARE NOT getting a refund. You'll get an official "sorry for the inconvenience" message, and that's it.
MS and Treyarch will work something out, but they DO NOT owe ANYONE their $$ back. Again, READ THE F*CKING DISCLAIMER.

CurlUpAndDie5223d ago

anything with the name "TREYARCH", run for the hills because anything they touch goes to crap,ONLINE play and now NEW $10 maps. I cant believe these guys. TEST THE GOOD BEFORE RELEASING!!!

Funky Town_TX5223d ago

COD2 was a great game but it was buggy. I will never purchase a COD game ever again. How many times can you remake the WW2.

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