RIP DEUS EX. Recalling fondly(and Eulogizing) our favorite franchise.

With the sad news that Square Enix is shelving DEUS EX to focus on more licensed properties. We wipe a few tears from our eyes and fondly take a moment to recall what made it so special and why we loved it in the first place. In hopes that one day it will be revived again.

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Gwiz629d ago

A Criminal Past is up for grabs,hopefuly some other publisher is interested enough to invest in this IP.

TheOptimist629d ago

Sad to see, probably the best series ever go down. But Warren Spector working on System Shock might just another industry changing moment. Also let's not undermine the presence of some developers moving on from AAA development and trying to make something without much shareholder's influence.

Gwiz629d ago

Yeah that's pretty much the situation with AAA development.