Fable 2 Milestone : A History

In the beginning there was nothing.

Apart from maybe a tiny little particle that created Albion's universe.

The giant yellow square below is actually that very same particle; the first 3D object that was rendered in Albion's universe, using the brand new Fable 2 engine. This however, is now history...

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HaKeRsCanRotINHEL5225d ago

O.K. cool, I guess. Please bring back B.C.!

calderra5224d ago

To the dev team:
At least get the dragons right this time, mmkay? And if you have a completely finished weapons class in the game (Scimitars were COMPLETELY finished and still on the disc- they just weren't in any shops or spawn points), please put them in the game before you ship.

Fable was awesome, but a lot went wrong that doesn't need repeating.