Should You Buy Video Games Day One?

The “Day One Mentality” is something that we can to do away with in the modern gaming industry. Consumers are constantly pressured by retailers and video game companies to pre order and purchase software day and date.

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thorstein695d ago

Yes. I do all the time. I am often quite pleased. I do this because I research the game and know exactly what I am buying. I mostly ignore reviews as they have never really played any role in how I view a game.

I would have missed out on some great experiences had I listened to reviewers.

So. Yes. Day 1s are great and you usually get incentives to buy them.

TheNerdopotamus695d ago

Very fair and valid point. Do you think that the incentives are that good? What are some of your favorite incentives? Are skins and color swaps good enough? Have you ever played a day one purchase with a slice of extra content that was hefty and changed the overall value of the game? If so, can you point out some and illustrate why and how?

Are you aware that most of these incentives can be had for a fraction of the cost months later since these games are often mass produced with the codes living inside for extended periods of time, sometimes years? As someone who waits, I've purchased many games on Black Friday having the same "Day One" codes that pre-order folks are accustomed to, usually at discounts up to 80 percent!

What are some other driving factors?

Authentically curious,
-Daniel (Nerdopotamus/Daily Dorks)

thorstein695d ago

All those things. I like DLC that is exclusive for 1st time buyers (ie Destiny's Founders info or The Division's Season Pass free DLC: we got things others would have to pay for.)

I think original skins/ color swaps are only good if they stay with early adopters.

Watch Dogs 1 & 2 both gave me content before others could buy it or for free that others had to purchase. So, since I prebought, I get it free but others paid regardless of the cost.

No Man's Sky (yes, I am one of the many people that love the game) gave me a better ship, multi tool and credits.

I also tend to buy from gamestop and they often hook me up with cool stuff like posters etc.

XXanderXX693d ago

That's all right , I like my day one buy mentality.
now if other feel like they don't want to buy day one thats good for them . Still trying to convince people that such mentality is bad cause a few have had bad expirences and stating it needs to be done away with is wrong and just annoys me that some think we should have endure everything alike .

InMyOpinion693d ago

I waited 3 weeks and got Watchdogs 2 for £19.99.

Bought For Honor full price day 1 and got a great game with greatly broken matchmaking. :D