TESO: Morrowind promises a nostalgic, yet refreshing trip back to a familiar island

Emma Matthews: "Overall, ESO: Morrowind appears to have a lot of content for players to sink their teeth into. Fifteen years is a long time and I think many fans will appreciate being able to wander around a familiar area, while enjoying the advantages of 2017 hardware, including the current generation consoles".

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Bigpappy2220d ago

I might go back in just to have a look.

jznrpg2219d ago

I havent played ESO, but I love Morrowind, maybe ill download to check it out, ... msybe

Maxor2219d ago

I came back to ESO recently and was blown away by the changes. This, more than any MMO before it, really excel at thinking outside the box. The fact that levels doesn't matter anymore in overland questing and normal dungeons is mind blowing. Its also mind blowing that dungeon drops changes their levels when exchanged between group members lol.

2219d ago