Gamervision Review: Rock Band 2 (10/10)

GV reports:

''When Rock Band first started appearing on "Coming Soon" lists in early 2007, I scoffed. No way was this new game going to come in and usurp the Guitar Hero series, which, at the time, seemed invincible. I thought that people would be out of their minds to pay almost $200 for a game with three instruments, especially those plastic drums, which just appeared ridiculous when I first saw pictures of them. As the release date drew nearer, though, I started to come around, and when the game came out last November, I was instantly hooked. Nearly a year later, Rock Band is still a constantly-played game among my friends, family, and myself. I've seen it bring people together like no other game ever has, and right out of the gate, the Rock Band franchise was damn near perfect. So how is Rock Band 2 supposed to deliver after an opening act like that? Well, a few things were tweaked, but for the most part, Harmonix followed the age-old credo: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

If Rock Band 2 appears to be similar to Rock Band when you first load it up, that's because it is. The menu screen, the character customization, and the World Tour have remained largely unchanged. However, that doesn't mean it's a complete clone of the first game. There are some more options as far as character creation goes, both cosmetically and wardrobe-wise. Different faces and an entirely new category of clothing have been added to the game, as well as some new threads in the other departments. I would have liked to see a new stance-rock, punk, metal, and goth animations are getting a little old-but honestly, that's a very minor complaint that has almost no bearing on the actual gameplay.''

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