Washington Post: Spore Review - Evolution Without the Awe Factor

Washington Post writes: "Will Wright is one of just a handful of celebrities in the world of computer-game design. Like his contemporaries Shigeru Miyamoto (the Mario series) and Sid Meier (Civilization), he has a level of prestige similar to, say, Martin Scorsese or Steven Spielberg in Hollywood.

His last creation, The Sims, hit the Spielbergian sweet spot, appealing to a broad range of people who don't usually spend a lot of time playing computer games. It's the best-selling computer game of all time, spawning two sequels (The Sims 3 is due in February) and countless expansion packs. So Sims publisher Electronic Arts has been eagerly awaiting the next production from Wright and his studio, Maxis. And ever since Spore was announced in 2005, EA has been steadily ratcheting up the publicity."

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