A true guitar hero... kind of

Think you rock at guitar hero ? Well, you should see this 8 year old kid completely owning the game. There are some impressive GH videos around, but this one is beyond everything.

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amrasmord5427d ago

i like the part where he turns around and dosent even look at th screen. this guy is sick!

death monk5427d ago

I have a friend who memorized some of the songs on Expert and when he is drunk it is quite funny to see him turn around showing off and head-banging.

amrasmord5415d ago

i learned how to do "message in a bottle" in expert without looking. its really cool!

Duker5427d ago

That kid is freaking insane, that is really impressive. That song took me forever just to beat it on expert and he nails it like its nothing.

Syko5426d ago

These are the same kids that will hand you your ass in a 1st person shooter. This kid is Ill-matic

Siesser5414d ago

I seriously used to think I was really good at this game. Darn you kid -_-