Resistance 2 Campaign Mode As Long As Predecessor

James Stevenson, who is head of Community Relations over at Insomniac Games, recently responded to a question over at NeoGAF relating to the length of Resistance 2's single player campaign mode.

He commented that the campaign is likely to be of a similar length to that seen in Resistance: Fall of Man, but it could be a little bit shorter or longer.

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reincarnated4069d ago

its everytime i hear news about this game it makes me more in love with it, resistance 1 baby feed me in fps's, it was the first fps i ever played so im a natural FAN!!

badz1494069d ago

I thought I was the only one having Resistance as the first FPS I played! me too, me too...I'm a true fan and Resistance have truly brought me into playing other FPS. I love Resistance and the fact that we are still in september is really killing me! I want this game so bad!

remanutd554068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

Resistance fall of man was my first fps game and i loved it , i love the story , the cooperative mode and online(it was my first online game on a console) , Resistance is a very special game for me, if it wasnt for it i would have never picked up other fps(cod4,ut3) i dont like them as much as resistance but at least i played them (cod4 story dont do it for me but online is good and ut3 doesnt even have a story) i cant wait to help Hale fight the chimera again, just got my issue of the official playstation magazine mannnnn the game looks and sounds incredible, if you guys dont have enough friends to play the 8 co-op story you can add me psn id: remanutd5

Downtown boogey4068d ago

Having myself played Gears a week before I got Resistance: FoM it couldn't stand a chance.

SlyGuy4068d ago

they allow you to carry ALL weapons in your backpack just like in part 1.

From what I have been reading its only 2?!...That to me is a downgrade.

marionz4068d ago

as well, I played it cos I like fps that tell a story, it was Halo that go me likeing fps so if u have not played any halo games you guys should give them a try as resistance reminds me of halo in so many ways I guess thats why I enjoyed it so much cant wait for resistance 2 either.

TheDude2dot04068d ago


It was difficult to switch weapons, so I'm glad they will have an easier way to switch now. But I agree that I will miss having 6 guns that I can hold at once.

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Jamegohanssj54069d ago

I would only hope it's longer, but I must say the first one was pretty damn long. I'm thinking I'm done with the game, but there another stage. I almost ripped the little hair I have on my head out from the length.


El_Colombiano4069d ago

That is exactly how I was. I was like ok the game is about to end here...then a whole new series of events unfolds. I loved it. This game will be great.

PLiPhaze4069d ago

I thought it was just me, but I was a bit sad when it did end.
Maybe the same length would be just right.

arika4069d ago

gears of war 5+hours vs resistance 2 20+hours
resistance 2 bigger and badder in every conceivable way...
ps3 ftmfw!

theKiller4068d ago

does any body knows how long was the campaign of resistance FOM??

Elimin84068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

The first one was worst than a James Bond film... Every time you think you're close to the end another chapter unfolds.... Still enjoyed it though.

JBaby3434068d ago

I loved that Resistance just kept giving more. Very long for a FPS especially compared to many out right now. Then when it ended I was glad because it had lasted a long time but then I was sad because I wanted more at the same time.

If R2 is the same length it will be just right I think especially with the TWO compaigns and amazing MP.

Sevir044068d ago

R:FOM campiegn clocked in at 14-18 hours on normal dificulty, with 2 player co-op by your self it was about 18-20 and then if you play it on the hardest mode it was a different story, It was along goame worth the 16.5 gigs of bluary space it took up. Resistance 2 confirmed single player to be the same length just means we aren't getting a COD4 or Halo 3 5-7 hour experience of single player.

i simply cant wait.

theKiller4068d ago

thank u and bubble for u

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danarc4069d ago

So it's either longer or shorter than Resistance 1...

That narrows it down.

Rofflecopter4069d ago

well it truly does!! we now know that it is not the exact same length! exciting stuff my friend, exciting stuff

Rice4069d ago

This game has totally lost its hype for me... Looking forward mostly to little big planet and motorstorm 2.

Overr8ed4069d ago

how is more like it. this game looks great

Rice4069d ago

Iunno this game doesnt have that appeal..its gonna be a great game which im still gonna buy but it lost its fizz.. that only applies to single player as for multiplayer, its gonna be quite fun..

Rice4069d ago

get out of here...the main site doesn't welcome forum people...

JBaby3434068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

But how can you not be hyped for R2? The more we find out about it the more incredible it gets.

Downtown boogey4068d ago

And disagrees pour down from the sky.

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omimasum4069d ago

this game is gonna own multi - co op

Odion4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

not new

also that blue ray disk is def bringing out bigger games, R2 JUST AS LONG AS EVERY OTHER FPS!