Wii Fit Girl Pays Back Boyfriend

The YouTube phenomenon that is Giovanny Gutierrez's "Why every guy should buy his girlfriend a Wii Fit" continues to move it's panty-clad hips, having been viewed more that 6.5 million times since being posted in late May.

The much-adored Wii Fit girl (aka Lauren Bernat) who appears in the video, claimed she was furious that her boyfriend surreptitiously taped and posted the workout, so Bernat recently brought Gutierrez on the "Tyra Banks Show" to get even.

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pwnsause4075d ago

/Facepalm. another Reason to hate on the wii, as if its not enough.

ChickeyCantor4075d ago

Your reason for hate is just pathetic.
You actually bash something because these 2 people seek attention?

Silogon4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

The wii is junk and most people only have it because of attention and most of it is due to the media. These two idiots are poster childs for the moronic wii and Nintendo as a whole.

LinuxGuru4075d ago

Wow, well said silogon.


Final_Rpg4075d ago

Wii is a pretty good console, hardware isn't everything. Just look at Metroid, galaxy, or brawl. Sure they would have been able to accomplish them on the gamecube, but it doesn't detract from the fact that the Wii is potentially a platform that can be used for quality titles. I Just think of them as like PSN games, ones that focus on art style more than polygon count.

FantasyStar4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

I used to think like that. That the graphics isn't everything, until I traded my Wii for a 360. The games on Wii just doesn't satisfy me. The production qualities don't amaze me, and the motion controls get old after a while. If Wii-Motion Plus was incorporated at launch, I wouldn't feel this way, but the games, backed up by a blurry-not even full-screen HDTV picture was the last straw for me. I have nothing against Nintendo, but I outgrew their ways of thinking when it comes to video games. Games like GeoW2, R2, and KZ2 have spoiled me. I can never go back now. I want more than just gameplay now, much much more. I'm not saying Wii-gamers "aren't gamers." Everyone has their own tastes, but I just can't identify my tastes with the Wii anymore.

Intrepid4075d ago

None of those 3 games could be done on the Gamecube... or the Xbox or the PS2.

@Fantasy Star
How could games like Gears of War 2, Resistance 2 and Killzone 2 have spoiled you? They're not even out yet. Just because they look good doesn't mean they are good.

Final_Rpg4075d ago

If you are a graphics whore then there is no way of convincing you to enjoy the wii. If graphics isn't everything to you, or anything for that matter, and gameplay and story comes above everything else then I think the wii can still offer that on a similar quality to PS3 and 360 just with a different presentation. It's only when the technical abilities of the wii start to hurt what its able to accomplish in terms of map size and how many enemies that can be rendered on screen or things to accomplish during levels. Graphics isn't as important to me as how technology improves the overall experience of the worlds you explore with more detail in your journey to complete. A good example of the Wii limiting other factors in their games by the cause of the hardware are complex physics. The wii isn't going to be able to process complex physic's engines like the ps3/360. THAT'S where the wii suffers the most, forget graphics for a second. The fact that the wii is damaged in it's ability to create in depth worlds with 100 of characters and 1000's of things happening at once on a MASSIVE land scape.

A good example of that happening is Ratchet and Clank, or even MGS4. You enter these worlds and not only is there things that are directly effecting you in these large landscapes but enemies moving around in all directions performing actions like flying/battleing spaceships and PMC troopers warring with Militia. what makes all this chaos even more impressive is that you are able to interact with it making you feel like these objects are actually part of your experience.

All this action occurring and massive landscapes with incredible detail put into them is what separates the current gen from the Wii. Even if the next Wii gets to where PS3 and 360 is it's just going to leave it behind as Sony and MS move onto the next gen leaving Nintendo in the same predicament.

FantasyStar4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

...I gave Trauma Center a go, I really did enjoy that game. But I do admit I'm somewhat of a graphics whore. I'm so tech-savvy that underneath playing the games, I can't enjoy it because I know deep inside that the Wii's potential in gameplay is mired by its hardware and the controls got too stale for me. Can you imagine what-if Nintendo embraced this gen's technology w/ Motion controls; we could've been doing so much more in Smash Bros. that's for sure however, no use whining. I've already moved on, but I'm not going to start Wii-hating now. I just have different tastes.

Intrepid, I played the predecessors, so I have a good feeling of what to expect. MGS4 totally spoiled me big time and GeoW gave me eye-gasms especially during Act 3 and Act 5. Killzone gave me the war-like atmosphere I fell in love with and judge every war-based game by that standard. I just can't see the Wii being able to replicate all that and more no matter how hard developers try.

Talks about the Wii 2 just nailed the final coffin for me and I jumped off the Wii ship and back onto the Green and Black side. I know that there are already talks of the next-gen 360, but well....did I mention I have a huge man-boner for chainsaws and blood?

psnDevistator3564075d ago

I think everyone knows that the wiis a piece of crap :/

Product4075d ago

@ sidar
i cant believe how many disagrees you got for being right.

ChickeyCantor4075d ago

Yeah, well people don't like to see the bigger picture =D XD.
But hey thats N4G for ya.

JsonHenry4074d ago

Wow, these two people seem to be very intent on getting their 15 minutes of fame..

egm_hiphopgamer4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

the wii fit is pretty cool got some hands on time with when i was at E3

check out the hiphopgamershow today it's already on N4G right now enjoy aight

Everybody check out this link of a cool wii fit game when i was at E3 this video is really cool

Revlis914074d ago

Wii + Pc = All my needs satisfied

KBDuB4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

I have a Wii, cause it's a chick magnet..

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El_Colombiano4075d ago

No homo? Ah video. Literally.

ar4075d ago

Gay video? Well yes, they seem to be very happy.

razorbladelight4074d ago

but why bash a light hearted video with homophobic comments? stick to the N4G credo... if it's ps3 it's amazing, if it's x-box it's for driods and if it's wii it's outdated, but the people are not gay. jeez

DavidMacDougall4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

Stupid bot im kinda surprised he can still walk after microsoft was done with him

bomboclaat_gamer4075d ago

bomboclaat gay. who posted this news, real GAY

dragunrising4075d ago

I just wasted 20 seconds of my life....

On topic: the video has nothing to do with the Wii

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