Q&A: Ghostbustin' with ZootFly

Over the weekend, Ghostbusters fans were aflutter with some videos that appeared on YouTube. The clips showed footage of a game based on the apparition apprehenders made famous in the 1984 sci-fi comedy film. But instead of fish-out-of-water geeks awkwardly shooting from their proton packs, the videos showed Gears-of-War-style gameplay, massive destruction, and a gritty New York cityscape.

The videos were posted by the game's developer, Slovenia-based ZootFly, who later admitted that the Xbox 360 game was merely a prototype and that intellectual-property issues momentarily sidelined its development.

GameSpot pulled ZootFly CEO Bostjan Troha aside to talk about the possibility of the Ghostbusters game getting made and upcoming projects for next-gen consoles and Xbox Live Arcade.

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