Tales of Berseria Is the Rare Game That Makes Its Predecessor Better

Twinfinite Writes: Tales of Berseria has some interesting story links with the previous title, Zestiria, and retroactively makes the entire experience better.

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PhoenixUp603d ago

Interesting to see how Berseria even makes Zestiria an even darker game by further context

greysun123603d ago

It's awesome when this happens in franchise

DivineAssault 602d ago

Although i cannot confirm this because i havent opened either yet, i doubt its worse.. Berseria has been getting better reviews from everywhere...

Chaosdreams602d ago

This makes me happy. I like when this happens.

Spurg602d ago

More blacked haired protagonist like yuri and Velvet please...can't stand the over-energetic blond idiots.