9-Year-Old Causes Chaos Thanks to Video Games

This story is just an incredible one. How can such a young kid cause so much havoc?

The story goes like this, Semaj Boker is only 9 years old. He lives in Washington state, but wants to move with his grandfather in Texas because he doesn't like the neighborhood and is afraid of a sex offender who lives in the area. So, he decides to run away. Well, not actually run away, more like "steal a car" away. Police say that Semaj stole an Acura that was left running outside a neighbor's house. Semaj was spotted on Highway 512 doing 80 to 90 mph. Semaj then took an exit, when all of a sudden his engine blew out, bounces off a curb and smacks into a tree.

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T-Virus5223d ago

I really am, stop blaming video games!!!!
I'm going to run around my village eating everything in my way, and blame pac-man.

big_tim5223d ago (Edited 5223d ago )

Not videogames. When I managed a game store a few years back, little 6 and 7 year old kids would tell their parents they wanted GTA. We would tell the parents that it was inappropriate for that age and show them the rating and content. The parents wouldn't flinch and buy it for them.

Its not the games fault. It is the parents fault for letting them get it and not teaching them right from wrong. Of course it is not the case for all the parents, but it happened way to often.

love the avatar!

THWIP5223d ago

The kid's name is James, spelled backward; maybe he can't f*cking drive, because he's dyslexic. :/

BB5223d ago (Edited 5223d ago )

HaHaHa... holy crap, I didn't even notice that. Bravo! You should put that as a comment on my site, I'd love everyone to read that

nice_cuppa5223d ago

he must have been a gt fan and thought he would just bounce.

THWIP5223d ago

...that ALSO deserves a "Bravo!" :D

Arkham5223d ago

Some kids do require occasional beatings. A five-across-the-eyes once in a while can work wonders.

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The story is too old to be commented.