Resistance 2 Beta Codes Now at Gamestop

GameXtract writes "Several gamers now currently reporting that if you head over to your local Gamestop you will in fact be able to get a beta code for the Resistance 2 beta. If you were not fortunate to be invited by Sony or you chose not to purchase Qore, then you can use this as your alternative plan."

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MACHone4070d ago

I stopped by today when I got off work and they indeed have them, at least here in Maryland. The vouchers they give aren't actually the "beta code" per se, but they're a code that you enter to into to sign up to receive the actual beta code whenever Insomniac decides to send 'em out. Good times.

will5624070d ago

I got mine today SIIIIIIIIIIIKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!

mirroredderorrim4070d ago

Who's ready to f*** me up on R2 Beta?
Bring it on punks!



I gotta get one ,this game looks good.

freediro4070d ago

Time to own, i got mine yesterday i cant wait for this to start it will control my life!

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The story is too old to be commented.