Buying Games Day One is No Longer the Tempting Proposition it Once Was

Tearing the cellophane off your shiny new timesink — providing you favored physical over digital, of course — is an innocent thrill that all players can relate to on some level. But there’s another, near-universal feeling that many of us have felt on launch days gone by, and that’s frustration.

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Tetsujin695d ago

I agree with the author, there's way too many factors in why day 1 is no longer the same feeling like it was before. My biggest reason is the patches the games come with afterwards. My other problem is Season Passes announced before the game even releases. I look at the stack of older games I own, and I can see good, complete, fun experiences. I look at the stack of newer games, and all I see is patches, broken promises, and hype. It's not "nostalgia" like some would say, it's the fact of older games carry more weight in their value than newer games today.

For 2017 I'm buying even less games than 2016 because $ is the most important factor anymore. Even Nintendo is thinking with their pockets. And those who argue/debate "$ is the new industry standard, get over it" is the problem, because they aren't the ones spending the $ on games, their parents/assistance is.

Injusticewarrior695d ago

Last day one I bought was Dark Souls 3. From Software hasn't let me down.
80 dollars (Canadian) can sure buy a lot of food, or one full price retail game.
These days I wait for deep sales..

CaitSith695d ago

Same boat as you. 80 dollars is ridiculous for a game!

695d ago
695d ago
freshslicepizza694d ago (Edited 694d ago )

i did the deal with the devil and got a ea game, i preordered the new mass effect. i can get my money back if its really bad but i got a great price for the pc version.

Tetsujin694d ago

I preodered Ghost Recon because amazon had an offer I couldn't pass up, and because the beta was actually fun. It's my first actual purchase of 2017 (excluding a couple of indie titles), and my second purchase is Tekken 7 when it releases in June. After Tekken 7 unless something screams "buy me," or amazon has better deals, it's my only two purchases this year. Nioh I can wait until there's a sale, the other few games on my radar I need to see actual game play, not just talk from people playing early/leaked copies.

Fishy Fingers695d ago

Older I get the less motivated I am for rushing out to buy games immediately. Rarely do I play competitively anymore so the initial run to rank up is less important, reviews are often misleading (prefer the opinions of people I know), day one patches/updates to elevate the teething problems are more and more common and I also manage to pick them up considerably cheaper.

rezzah694d ago (Edited 694d ago )

Online game patches r the worst kind, now many weapons get tweaked to the point where the game is no longer what it was on day one. Destiny is a perfect example, Bungie intentionally rotates nerfing weapons on a monthly basis.

Tetsujin694d ago

The lies, PR BS, and the community is why I quit Destiny. What cracked the ice for me was the whole Beta access fiasco that started, then the "your beta info carried over" which later Deej had some silly story on why it wasn't carried over. Dark Below was my final straw because I already saw the direction the game was going, and glad I left when I did.

I agree with the online patches; there's balance, and then there's "we don't know what we're doing so we're rotating nerfs to please the PvP crowd." I don't see ESO, Warframe, The Division, or even Team Fortress 2 doing this, yet Destiny gets a free pass on it.

rainslacker694d ago

I really only pick up the occassional big game, or some of the niche games which I'd like to keep seeing get releases. still buy relatively soon after release though, but I've learned to let some games go which I know I won't get around to for a while.

SunnyZ695d ago (Edited 695d ago )

Now days I'd rather wait a year or so and get the COMPLETE game, with most/all bug fixes for a fair price.
Over use of DLC's killed day one purchases for me, why would I pay full price for half a game?

Remember when Expansion Packs were a game release after thought?
Oh man lets make some new stuff for this already released game, make it even better.

Now DLC is announced before the damn game is even out....
To me, that is just content they purposely cut out to try nickel and dime me for, which is disgusting.

ChrisW695d ago (Edited 695d ago )

I also wait a while. Not only by then will the game be COMPLETE and at a fair price, but also almost all of the DLC is most likely packaged with the game!

And also, I am able to truly and sensibly discern whether I'm still interested in playing.

Omnisonne694d ago

I second this. When I compare the experiences I had from older (1-4 years) games to new releases, the older games were a much more complete and polished experience, and more enjoyable because of that.

I've taken it upon myself to wait at least one full year before buying any new releases. The possibility of a GoTY edition or significant price drop being a welcome bonus.

The only games i might make an exception for are RDR2 and TLoU2.

ifrit_caress695d ago

I have never bought a game on day one in more than 10 years and I will not start again anytime soon. I grew very sick of the hype train 🚂 and I know I can get it for free on PS plus eventually. I much rather wait for that or until the price drops to less than half.

Screw the corporate bullshot.

DarXter695d ago

For me it is mainly that games are discounted already 2-3 months after release. So the only time I buy a game day 1 is if I am really excited about it (FF XV, Nioh, DS3). For the most part, waiting for a bit you can get the same game on sale for half the price. F.e. I was thinking about getting Uncharted 4, wait for 3 months and got Uncharted and ROTTR for less than 1 full game.

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