How Serious Is Video Game Addiction?

Sean Ryam writes:

"They call it EverCrack for a reason! Along with being blamed for creating serial killers and sexual deviants, video games are now being portrayed as the hot new drug that creeps their way into everyone's home and destroys the lives of those caught in their clutches. The issue has grown to a point that video game addiction treatment centers have been instituted in parts of Europe and Asia; but how serious can it be?"

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HighDefinition4078d ago

How much of a LIFE outside of gaming do/don`t you have?

El_Colombiano4078d ago

Wow MSNBC are a bunch of f*cking steriotypers. Whats up with the news now? They all seem to gang up on gaming.

ape0074078d ago (Edited 4078d ago )

I remember some day

I played mgs4 for like 10 hours straight

I played san andreas for like 12 hours non stop

ruiner44824078d ago

That is a long time to play in one sitting but addiction is more of a habitual thing.

I was addicted to FFXI for a while. I would think about what we were gonna do in FFXI after work. I'd call in to work several times a month because I had stayed up all night doing a mission or what not. People would call my cell and I wouldn't answer it cause I would rather play the game than hang out. Then I put a stop to it cause it was getting ridiculous.

I knew people with kids and families that would play so much that they would eventually lose their job. I knew men and women that were married having phone sex with their FFXI gf/bf.

Really MMOs are the only game I find addicting personally. I played Q3 for like 7 years, but the only time I would avoid friends is if we had a scheduled clan match. Other than that if someone called I'd say laters to my buds and be off. Regular single player and even multiplayer games never made me ignore people call in to work or anything of the sort.

Basically MMOs are the devil! :)

thebigtarget14078d ago

How do they blame video games for violence and sexual aggressiveness when there is so much more in movies. go bother movies you pricks.

Slinger4204078d ago

I game in my free time. As long as it doesn't interfere with your life and you still take care of all of your responsibilities and stay motivated and set goals. What you do in on your own time is your own business.

keops34078d ago

summer 2007 oblivion

the plan: 14:00-eat

gameplay time 500+ hours

opcional coment: best time ever wiht my brothers and friends and ever my grandmother, i had a super withe skin that summer thanks my ps3

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The story is too old to be commented.