Digital Chumps: The Force Unleashed Review

To be quite frank, Star Wars The Force Unleashed is badass. Despite a few drawbacks, Digital Chumps had a wonderful time playing through it and will do it again this weekend. For them, the bottom line for games is how fun it is, or how much enjoyment they got, or get, when they play it. The Force Unleashed in that regard is a near complete success and for that reason, and several others, they highly recommend it.

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badz1494075d ago

that this game got a good review after a mere negativity surrounding it for a while after the demo!

SabreMan4075d ago

It's all about enjoyment, we play games we enjoy and at the moment i'm enjoying this game, it's not a AAA title it doesn't necessarily do anything groundbreaking it's just an enjoyable experience and it's Star Wars so it's all good