PS3 costs $838 in the UK at the European launch on March 23

Sony has said the PlayStation 3 in Europe is still lined up for the March 23 launch date.

However, the pricing is different all over Europe. Gamers in the UK get the worst deal on the 60GB price of a PS3, which in America is $599, in comparison in the UK you pay $838.

Here's the pricing overview:
* Ireland - €629 for 60GB (that's $815)
* Europe - €499 for 20GB / €599 for 60GB (that's $775)
* UK - £425 for 60GB (that's €647 or $838)
* Australia - AU$830 for 20GB / AU$999 for 60GB (that's €608 or $787)

Note: The high dollar price is because of a weak dollar against a stronger euro and British pound.

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InMyOpinion5222d ago

One for gaming, and one just in case..

no_more_heroes5222d ago

game consoles just shouldn't be that expensive. No matter what anyone says, no matter how pretty the graphics get, I'm not paying over $400 dollars for a GAME CONSOLE.

THAMMER15222d ago

I can not see any gamer PS3 fan boy or not buying a PS3 for that much. That is just crazy. There gose the Euro launch. Na na Na na Hey hey hey Hurry up and BUy. Before you come down to earth and realize your being raped.

kingboy5222d ago (Edited 5222d ago )

lol! some of u need to travel around the world more comparing the weak dollar now with the stronger British pounds & Euros?

MicroGamer5221d ago

when the US and UK still used coins made out of mostly silver, there was over $4 to the pound. At that rate a PS3 would be over $1700 in the UK.

zonetrooper55222d ago

Thanks Sony for releasing later in Europe and whats thats we still get ripped off. The UK is so expensive that it sucks.

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The story is too old to be commented.