Dead Space: Opening Cinematic

GameXtract writes "Dead Space has been shaping up to be another title from EA that could make us piss our pants this October. The game's combination of Sci-Fi, and Horror will make you wish you hadn't played with Sackboy for so long. You might even want to prepare by playing F.E.A.R over again just to make sure you don't get a heart attack. Today we have found the cinematic opening trailer for Dead Space. For those wondering, it won't spoil much other than how Issac gets on board the sketchy ship. Their has been some speculations going around that Issac is in fact not human. We do get a look at Issac's head without the helmet, but his back is turned from us so we only get to see the back of his head. He does have hair, so we can say he's at least partially human, but the fact that EA won't show you his front face might be a hint that he's not completely human. Regardless catch the video after the jump!"

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aggh im on fire4075d ago

Looking good. Really looking forward to this... Event Horizon meets bioshock/resi evil/gears... oy yeah.

Kleptic4074d ago

agreed...Event Horizon started out as one of the best horror movies I had ever seen (at least at that point in 1997)...but towards the last 1/3rd of the went to shat and got very corny really quickly...but the entire idea of 'where the ship had been' was absolutely awesome...

Dead Space has a similar setup...with the weird religious artifact they found...and people slowly going nuts and everything...

I really can't wait either...the gameplay seems solid...the story seems great...and the scares seem to be more from atmosphere and less from crappy scripts or frustrating gimmicks (read: Doom 3)...

Sevir044075d ago

I simply cant wait to try it out, there is gonna be Demo on PSN october 2nd and i cant wait to play it, especially because it comes out just 2 weeks later

TANOD4075d ago


TANOD4075d ago



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