LittleBigPlanet and Home will be released together

PS3Life is a website with a lot of inside contacts. Today they reported that an anonymous source linked to the Sony camp told PS3Life that Sony wants to release Home and LittleBigPlanet simultaneously.

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Fishy Fingers4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

Really? Or are they just speculating from the Home Managers comments on the PS forums saying he believes FW 2.5 and Home 1.0 will come in Oct or more precisely he guessed at late Oct, exactly when LBP releases. A good time to make a big brand push when MS have their new dashboard releasing just a few weeks later.

Maybe they have a source I dont know, but we can all put 2 + 2 together. Guess we'll just have to see but if I was a betting man, Id say late Oct is going to hold a lot for the PS3.

UltimateIdiot9114076d ago

Agree, I wouldn't be surprise if Home is released with LBP. Imagine giant sack boys running around in Home. That would be great.

TheHater4076d ago

I agree. I was thinking the same thing when I read the Home producer comment on the release date.

sack_boi4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

Holy shi_t. R.I.P Xbox360.

No price cut or games can save that system now.

Still getting Fable 2 though.

StephanieBBB4076d ago

How the hell am I suppose to play LBP and Home at the same time sony? god damnit! xP

Blademask4076d ago

I wanted to use that avatar.

Fishy Fingers4076d ago

Sorry bro, nabbed it as soon as I saw it :)

arika4076d ago

so this is ps3's 1 & 2 knock out combination home + lbp.... and add an uppercut from resistance 2, a right hook from motorstorm 2, a left hook from socom confrontation and finally a straight from hd wipeout.... xbox 360 your out for the count....

jwatt4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

October is going to be crazy so many games crammed in to a couple of weeks.

OCT 14 Socom, Dead space, Saints row
OCT 21 Littlebigplanet, Home, Fable2, Bioshock, Farcry2,
OCT 28 Motorstorm2, Fallout
NOV 4 Resistance 2, Naruto, Endwar, Quantum of Solace
NOV 7 Gears of war
Nov 11 Cod5, Mirrors edge
Then to end it off with a bang have the killzone2 beta in November

Rofflecopter4076d ago

i know, my wallet is hurting in advance. this year is one of those years when i wish i only owned one system so id have less games to buy. oh well, i dont and im gonna fail all my exams thanks to the next 2 months.. woohoo!

perseus4076d ago

It's just like Comic Book Guy - I mean Sev - at Playstation Lifestyle. Make predictions that anyone can make, and then brag about how good you are at predicting.

The Mikester4075d ago

And when that happens it will be the down fall of the 360 and the PS3 will probable rise to the top b/c both HOME and LittleBigPlanet are the most amazing things Sony has ever come up with.

egm_hiphopgamer4075d ago

Oh My God that will be sick to play Little Big Planet and Home day one oh my god if that's true it's a wrap

everybody check out the hiphopgamershow it's on N4G right now aight 1luv and god bless

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RevN8r4076d ago

I'm not so confident that it's the truth, but it may be a good way to do it. Releasing in front of M$ and with a surefire win game would be smart, and not out of the realm of possibilities.

It is a rumor though, so take it with a grain of salt.

El_Colombiano4076d ago

Makes perfect sense. Both of Sony's juggernauts launch in the same time frame.

Killjoy30004076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

Great strategy. No doubt about that. Well, if it's true anyways.

John-Paul-Jones4075d ago

LittleBigPlanet enforces the motto, "Play. Create. Share.", and Home does exactly that, but not to the extent that LittleBigPlanet offers. Both services released at the same time will definitely gain new customers and it'll be a good move for Sony.

...but I think it's too good to be true. I'm done waiting for Home. I won't be surprised if it actually comes out next year (even though the release date was slated for late 2008).

Marceles4076d ago

That would be amazing if that was true, but I highly doubt it. That's a little too good to be true

Relin4076d ago

I'm done holding my breath for Home, that's for sure, but I'm willing to cross my fingers for this one.