Sega 7th Dragon's first screenshot

"Famitsu website has unveiled by mistake what appears to be the first screenshot of 7th Dragon, the upcoming RPG from Sega for Nintendo DS."

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TheColbertinator4075d ago

Is this the RPG surprise they were going to unveil?

Because if it is,I still think SEGA isn't getting the message.

CONSOLE RPG!Come on,I need one for the Wii,the PS3,or the 360,Any console is fine.

UltimateIdiot9114075d ago

I agree. But hey, Ds and the Wii are good fundraiser. (not saying that games on DS and Wii suck but the profit they get and cheap development)

TheColbertinator4075d ago

Yeah I like the DS and PSP but I want some console RPGs like last gen.Back then everybody had their own slice of RPG pie.

PS2 had Final Fantasy,Kingdom Hearts,Persona,Xenosaga,and Dark Cloud

Gamecube had Skies of Arcadia Legends,Tales of Symphonia,Baten Kaitos,and Paper Mario

Xbox had KOTOR,Morrowind,Fable,and Jade Empire

I just want a little balance this generation because any system I picked out last gen had terrific RPGs.I wanted 7th Dragon to at least be on the Wii.

UltimateIdiot9114075d ago

Yeah, but hey, japan loves their RPG on the go. Personally, I enjoy RPGs on the go also.

It would be nice to see more RPGs on consoles.