VGM: Silent Hill: Homecoming Preview

At Konami's NYC Media Tour, VGM had the opportunity to sit down and play Konami's latest iteration of their survival horror franchise Silent Hill, titled Silent Hill: Homecoming. They had high hopes that the franchise could bounce back from 2006's subpar Silent Hill movie, and judging by what they saw, Silent Hill is definitely back.

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aggh im on fire3682d ago

the guy says this is the first silent hill since SH3.. what happened to number 4 then?? lol.
Either way im looking forward to this title and it sounds good from the preview... even if the bloke has no idea.

CNIVEK3682d ago

...looks like a PS2 title. And yeah...the guy who wrote this article is a moron...and I registered, to let him know it. :o

Arsenic133681d ago

Why do these news posts use the oldest screen shots? Its gonna make some one think this game is really ugly. Well here is a super sexy new screen.

Radiodread3680d ago

With a gross avatar, and a dumba$$ comment. WOW you fail sir.

this game looks great though, I love the physics and the new enemy AI. Besides screenshots NEVER do the game justice. And have you looked at past SH hill games? they look worse than the new NEXT GEN version.