Alone in the Dark PS3 Improvements Walkthrough Part 2

What else has improved for the PS3?

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Fishy Fingers4075d ago

Echo in the video or does he really repeat himself about 4 times. Didnt play the game because of all the bad press but that sequence looked quite nice, really cinematic. I'll hold out for reviews and maybe pick it up at a later date a little cheaper.

bouncybullet4074d ago

the vid skips back to the start about 25% in.

Ben10544075d ago

triple post, how did that happen?

Ben10544074d ago

that they are 3 different videos, my bad
got confused, same title same pic, almost same description

Raoh4075d ago

its not a triple post its a 3 part walkthrough, the poster should have just made one post with 3 links

when you watch them all in order it makes more sense regarding all the changes they made..

Veronica Belmont4074d ago

for a game no one really cares about.....

Wolf8734074d ago

$29.99 and if those improvements do allow the game a better I would get it. You can't deny that it is a good deal.

bouncybullet4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

It's still a rental.

(With Fallout 3, Far Cry 2, and everything else coming out.)

Harry1904074d ago

Seriously.$29.99? Where did you hear that? Are you talking about the 360 version?

badz1494074d ago

I heard the game will be priced $10 cheaper than te one on 360. better check that one out!

btw, it's hard to fing anyone with Nico bellic avatar anymore. you must really love GTAIV don't you?

Harry1904074d ago

GTA4 a lot, especially because of Niko. He is probably one of the best characters I have ever seen in a video game. I checked on the EBGames site and they have it at $49.99. Still a good offer according to me.

Different people have different tastes and for me GTA4 fully delivered in terms o immersion and storyline. I was looking for something a little more mature and I got it. I can understand the disappointment of many, but I won't jump in the bandwagon of GTA4 haters, Damn, I've even seen people who were trashing the game without even playing it. It shows you how far hearsay can go.

I was also looking forward to AITD since the beginning. The setting and the art direction/ level design always intrigued me.

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The story is too old to be commented.