Alone in the Dark PS3 Improvements Walkthrough

These are the improvements made for the PS3 version of the game.

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THC CELL4070d ago

x bots ya see delays are worth the wait

Keep ya beta

This is day one for me

cheapndirty4070d ago

I hope the send a patch for the 360 version. I can get this game cheap now. Otherise I may have to buy the ps3 version. There just are not enough action horror games out there.

Raoh4070d ago

from what i read in an interview they said they want to move onto the next project and not spend time updating the 360 version..

that may change. but currently their goal is to move forward not spend more time on this game.

chasuk084070d ago

Do you honestly think they are spending all this time making all these changes then realese a free patch so that people can buy the game cheap/pre-owned, which means they're making no money at all. Im also guessing they're not going to mess about with the 360 code again.

Raoh4070d ago


i'm not laughing because the ps3 version is better..

but hopefully this will shut up the ps3 haters.. this is proof that games in the past shouldnt have sucked on the ps3. all updates shown in the ps3 walkthroughs were possible on the 360.. had it received the time and care the ps3 version did.

in the past many games were wrongfully compared when the ps3 version didnt receive the attention it needed to work properly.

still and all, i would like to again thank all the 360 owners for beta testing these games for us..

THC CELL4070d ago

all i can say is good for ps3
there are always good reasons for delays some bad like haze

TANOD4070d ago


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