BC Gaming: Mercenaries 2 Review

Mercenaries 2 is mildly fun by design. The shooting mechanics at their base are enjoyable. However, its ambitious open world design is heavily flawed as if there wasn't enough time to think through the minor aspects thoroughly. That's a game killer, and makes Mercs 2 an easy pass for all but the most hardcore fans of the original.

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Wardog13684076d ago

Ouch, seems a bit harsh.

WINZLOW4076d ago

i played the 1st mercenaries on xbox 1 and completely loved it! i dont really care for the co op but i would like to see all out war between gamers online for this game and future games. im going to rent it at blockbuster and play the crap out of it soon.

WINZLOW4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

apperantly bloodmask would like to drive to some store and purchase his weapons as an actual retail transaction. yeah buddy lets drive to the gun store to refill on ammo while your on a mission. that's completely irrelavant. the product gets delivered to you at your feet and your complaining ????

another point that you argue is about your being fined for collateral damage?? name on person in the military that wouldnt get in trouble for blowing up the wrong building or kililng a pedestrian?? seems to me that your a very picky type of gamer/person in general. this game has a very high fun factor and your putting it down easily. sure your points are valid and im not trying to bash you at all buddy but this game is flat out fun to me

on the other hand, i do agree with you about the missions. i hate that i have to start all over again and talk to the head person all over again about accepting the mission. it would be better if it was like GTA4 in the sense that we can command to redo the mission if we failed and not go through a bunch of bs.

WINZLOW4076d ago

find some cheats if you cant buy everything you desire in the game

its as simple as that..