Final Fantasy IV Sequel Coming to Western Shores... On the Wii...?

Final Fantasy IV: The After could be making it's way to Western Shores but for the Nintendo Wii according to several sources close to Square-Enix.

For some time now there has been a buzz that The After, a direct sequel to Final Fantasy IV following the son of Cecil and Rosa - Ceodore - would be making its way to Western Final Fantasy fans in some way, shape or form.

As reported earlier today, Takashi Tokita, producer of The After, FF4 and FF4DS hinted in a recent Q&A that a Western release was possible.

Now sources close to Square-Enix have revealed to RPGSite that the title could be released on Wii - and would not be released on a handheld like many were expecting.

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Darkiewonder4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

this was the Q&A from the NA Member site

—samcai asks: Do you guys have any more plans to remake FINAL FANTASY IV in the future? A full blown remake of FINAL FANTASY IV for a more powerful console, such as the Sony PlayStation 3, would be epic!

Tokita: We just remade it, so it's a bit of a stretch... [Laughs] Currently the sequel, FINAL FANTASY IV the After: Tsuki no Kikan [tentative title], is available for mobile phones in Japan. We'll do our best to make this game available for our overseas audiences as well!


ChickeyCantor4074d ago

no one seem to care for your comment, the comments below missed the part "mobile phone"

TheColbertinator4074d ago

Wow,if this is true,we could see a serious Final Fantasy game on the Wii unlike Chocobo Tales.I hope its true

4074d ago Replies(1)
BigMassacre4074d ago

It would be a nice WiiWare title. Better than not getting it at all.

Firstkn1ghT4074d ago

Jesus and people complain about Halo being milked.

ruiner44824074d ago

Final Fantasy IV was one of the best FF's ever and if done well, it would be a great game. I would love to revisit that FF universe.

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