5 Games You Should Play Instead of Replaying Undertale

Take a break from the Underground of Undertale and check out these great games!

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2700d ago

Why No One Understands Undertale's Asgore

Asgore is often reduced to being either a ruthless dictator or an absolute wuss by the fandom, despite being incredibly layered.

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gold_drake6d ago

i think the fanbase knows exactly what hes about lol


The 50 Most Iconic Indie Gaming Moments of All Time

Callum Marshal writes: "I want to catalog some of the best indie gaming moments I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing firsthand, and I hope that, in doing so, I unlock a core memory for you. So, without further delay, here is Indie Game Culture’s list of the best Indie Gaming Moments of All Time!"

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Undertale: One Of The Greatest Indie Stories Ever Told

Amidst choices between pacifism and genocidal tendencies, Undertale goes truly beyond in terms if story-telling, and the line between what is considered "right."

Zenzuu171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

One of the most touching and beautiful told story with a great cast of characters and excellent soundtrack. I highly enjoyed my playthrough of the game very much. It's a darn shame, not many people know about it or even give it a chance just because of the way the game visually looks.

Venoxn4g171d ago

Great game, highly recommend.. it is true that at the beginning it doesn't look appealing, but once you get into it..it is amazing