NWR: Nyko Wii Charge Station Review

The Nyko Wii Charge Station, consisting of two Wii Remote battery packs and a docking station, attempts to solve a few problems for Wii owners. The first and most obvious is that it adds a rechargeable battery pack to the Wii Remote. It also offers a docking station that puts the Wii Remotes on display as they charge. Despite being a third party product, the Nyko Wii Charge Station does both of these things very well.

The battery packs themselves are a pair of Nyko-branded NiMH rechargeable batteries that plug into the battery compartment of each Wii Remote. The battery covers serve a dual purpose, adding nice grips to the Wii Remotes while also serving as the connectors for the battery packs. This connector is used to charge the Wii Remote when it is seated in the docking station.

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