Naughty Dog's environment artist recreates Half-Life: Black Mesa scene in Unreal Engine

DSOGaming writes: "Rogelio Olguin, who is an Environment Texture Artist/Shader at Naughty Dog, has been experimenting with Epic’s engine and has recreated a scene from Half-Life: Black Mesa in Unreal Engine."

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Kaneki-Ken2656d ago

I remember how Neil Drunkmann joke around in Twitter about how he asked Valve to let him and NaughtyDog do Half Life 3 since they haven't release it for more than a decade.

subtenko2656d ago

They should do this but add guerrilla games into the mix. 3 devs, 3 half lifes. So I guess technically is 1.5 lives, the amount of kids people have

2656d ago
riibhu2656d ago

One day I hope naughty dogs would make a PC game utilizing every ounce of power from PCs. The end result would be a sight to behold.

andrewsquall2656d ago

Yet it wouldn't really be when there is always going to be a demographic that need to still be able to run the game when it comes to PC.
For instance, Naughty Dog and their game engine on PS4 exclusives, they get to make their games catered exclusively to the GDDR5 architecture from the moment of conception all the way to release. On PC they are already losing this advantage as the game would more than likely have to support graphics cards and processors from 8 years ago too like DDR3 GPUs.
So now they are left wondering do we have to dumb down our 10 years in advance animations so the game can be released on older PCs too or will we dumb down something else that we are normally proud of.

OoglyBoogly2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

"the game would more than likely have to support graphics cards and processors from 8 years ago too like DDR3 GPUs."

Not necessarily. While that's not a bad thing to have look at the likes of Crysis when it came out. They didn't really care if you had a slower PC. They BUILT that game for high-end hardware. Sure it could run on lower settings but it looked like trash in comparison and not what they envisioned.

Plus an 8 year old processor and/or GDDR3 powered GPU isn't really expected to run any newer games these days anyways. No one is really building their AAA title with the Core2Duo and 8800GTX in mind.

So yeah, while I know Naughty Dog isn't doing this (and never will most likely), it's not like games that are made to be "cutting-edge" somehow automatically fail or won't run for most people.

Not to get all technical but you have to keep in mind the power of PC's today as well. I can get a used AMD 290/290X practically anywhere and a decent quad-core Intel pre-built Dell or something that's off lease on eBay all for like $250-300. A system like this (despite it's price), on the technical level, is like 3-4x faster than even the PS4. Similar systems like this could technically run a game like Uncharted 4 with 2x the graphics (at least) and isn't going to break the bank. So yeah, PC could stand to get a really nice "wow" level game. Though I would argue that on some levels we already do. Think Star Citizen or games like The Division with max settings. Those are really purrrrty games...

riibhu2655d ago

The only thing that would stop naughty dogs from making a PC game is naughty dogs themselves.
And buddy just imagine, if these guys can make a game like uncharted and last of us on a ps4 then wonder what they can do on PC without any limitations over hardware.

Yohshida2656d ago

Remember Crysis? Hell yeah!

riibhu2655d ago

Oh yeah. Crysis is the epitome of what a PC is capable of. I wonder though now that crytek is gone who will make a PC game with the level of graphical details that crysis had at its time of release.( Star citizen maybe but who knows when that game will release).
What this generation lacks is a proper PC game like crysis.

2656d ago
OoglyBoogly2656d ago

Downvote all you want but I'm honestly not that impressed at all. The lighting totally kills it! I mean, on the physical level they look similar enough but the original was way more darker and grungy...how is making it all clean and bright and safe looking with totally different lighting a "recreation"?

Don't get me wrong, the actual work is great! Everything is very detailed and the scene is very well done. To me though a recreation needs to be that...recreating a scene. Making the scene look completely different isn't a recreation. You can't give me a dirty brown football and tell me it's a recreation of a clean white soccer ball.


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Avowed Moved to Unreal Engine 5.3

With Support from The Coalition

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ThinkThink1d 3h ago

That's great news. Hopefully the Coalition can smooth some of those edges from the last Avowed reveal.

phoenixwing1d 1h ago (Edited 1d ago )

Well I'm annoyed. Especially at all the ppl who said the graphics sucked. It's your fault they probably shifted the game to unreal so it could look more fancy for you. I was ok with it and hoping to actually play it sometime soon. Now it's like 99% chance it's delayed.
Edit: effing graphics whores

Obscure_Observer16h ago

"Well I'm annoyed. Especially at all the ppl who said the graphics sucked. It's your fault they probably shifted the game to unreal so it could look more fancy for you."

What the hell are you talking about dude? Avowed was already in development using the UE5. The Coalition is just helping Obsidian in the transition to its latest version (5.3)

MrBaskerville14h ago(Edited 14h ago)

Probably not even that big of a difference. Coalition might only have helped because they got a deadline to meet.

Unreal isn't nearly as bad as Unity when you update a project. Though it obviously depends on the project. But unity generally gets an aneyurism if you threaten to update, where Ue is usually less stingy.

Reaper22_14h ago

In excited for Avowed and Gears 6.

Fishy Fingers16h ago

It already was Unreal 5, its just moving to the latest build.

CantThinkOfAUsername7h ago

Latest build is 5.4 and it's better than previous iterations, particularly in animation and performance.

Lightning771d ago

Apparently the latest build looks way better graphically. This rumor from Jez Cordin (who's credible) pretty much confirms it.

Interested in seeing more on Avowed in a few weeks.

Notellin15h ago

UE 5.3 has been out since September of last year. I can't believe this is news or that anyone is hyping this up.

MrNinosan15h ago

As Hellblade failed to set the world on fire, just like Halo Infinite and Starfield before it, it's time to look forward to the next Game of the Decade candidate.
Of course it needs to be hyped up ahead of time 😏

Notellin8h ago

I didn't mean the game itself. I can't believe there is a news article about an Unreal Engine update that launched a year ago.

Reading comprehension is tough for fanboys on N4G.

truthBombs15h ago

I liked the games unique artstyle when It was revealed. I hope they're not making the migration based on criticism. It's only a rumor anyways

MrBaskerville14h ago

I imagine the art style will stay the same. But there'll probably be some visual upgrades here and there.

anast14h ago

This was the only game I was jealous of, but It's a wait and see game now. Plus, I can wait until they release it on PSN.

Miraak82 13h ago

Right!!! Obsidian is like only XB GS that I wanna play there games . Pillars of Eternity is one of my fav game franchises and I'd love to step back into the world of Eora . Their world building and rpg systems are one of the best , I hope XB higher ups don't get in the way of them. If they released it on ps I would definitely buy it day 1

anast10h ago

I bought both Pillars for PC and Console. Good games.