Star Ocean: First Departure UK Boxart

Square-Enix UK appear to be on a boxart roll and have released the UK Boxart for Star Ocean: First Departure, the latest title from the remake machine - this time revisting the first Star Ocean, now optimized for the PSP.

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TheColbertinator4080d ago

Looks good.It looks better than the American boxart

BigMassacre4080d ago

I noticed that they still have a planet behind them. If they do the same thing for Second Evolution by putting the characters in the front and the other half of the planet behind them, it will indeed be way better than the US art.

TheColbertinator4080d ago

Yes it will.I saw the art for 2nd departure and its pretty bland too

Wildarmsjecht4080d ago

I cant wait to play this game. I never got a chance to play it on the SNES, but after part 2 and 3, I know that I need to pick this up when it releases.

TheColbertinator4079d ago

It never came to Europe and America in the first place.Good thing Square Enix dug up this game