Final Fantasy IV sequel might be released in North America

Square Enix has posted the third part of Final Fantasy IV Fan-Powered Questions & Answers on September 19. One of the questions that was answered by Final Fantasy IV's executive producer & director Takashi Tokita is about a "full-blown remake of Final Fantasy IV". The answer is quite interesting.

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Darkiewonder4071d ago

But will it be released as a mobile game or on an actual handheld?

TheColbertinator4071d ago

I'm betting on another DS game.They are cheap to make and the profits would fatten the wallets of Sqaure Enix

PS360WII4071d ago

Oh happy day :) I can only hope they can bring The After over to the states!

DarkBlood4071d ago

if its going to be mobile then they should bring it to wiiware since i dont want to get all kinds of phones just for final fantasy mobile games but i still love square for thier rpgs to fill my hunger since legend of dragoon wasthe only non sqaure rpg game i played and the first
and made my stomach of rpgs way too large so i can never have enough rpgs lol NEED MORE