Did Phil Harrison cause PS3 to lose L.A. Noire to Xbox 360?

Mike Ferro writes: L.A. Noire, a game being developed by Team Bondi, has received some attention recently due to a rumor that the game will no longer be a PS3 exclusive. This game has remained shrouded in mystery for a long time, with very little detail revealed about the game.

Now over four years later, there is confusion as to whether L.A. Noire, Team Bondi's first game, was ever even a PS3 exclusive. We've tried to dig deep into the nooks and crannies of the web to find out exactly what happened to this project by Team Bondi.


This project (L.A. Noire) should not be confused with the exclusive game deal between Rockstar Games and Sony (SCEA), which was confirmed this past E3.

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dro4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

y all of a sudden this game is getting head lines bcuz it might not be a exlusive. i personaly forgot about this game, there is know info relased about it or gameplay to make me hype.. :/

and apart from that this gen is first party exlusive that will be doing it; i think that was proven when games like dmc4,re5,ff13,gta4..e.t.c went multi plat.

XXXCouture4076d ago

Sony still have a exclusive deal with R* which we know nothing about

avacadosnorkel4076d ago

Microsoft is not going to allow Rockstar to release any game exclusive to the PS3. Sony might even have an agreement signed in blood for exclusivity but Microsoft will pay the contract penalty on Rockstar's behalf to have it broken and throw in some extra money to boot so there will never be an exclusive for this game or any other.

UnwanteDreamz4076d ago

Avacado that has to be like the craziest thing I have read all week. You r crazy man.

bunbun7774076d ago

that is crazy talk- but sir i think you could be right- but once bitten twice shy- you would think Sony would go iron clad or not even bother.

As it stands now- Let MS take any game-- all real PS3 users care about is that the games are developed with the PS3 completely in mind- and then see about porting a secondary version to the 360, ala Dead Rising to the Wii. Most PS3 users are upset about non-exclusivity (rightly so) not because we are greedy but that we know initial production is curbed and not fully implemented if the devs know that it will be sold multi-platform on day 1.

FF13 will be the possible first real taste of what the real differences are between two games that are not developed with both consoles in mind. I hope.

avacadosnorkel4076d ago

for being able to act civil even if we disagree.

I'm sick of being banned.

kewlkat0074075d ago

Now you can expect the game to be trashed with more ranting about quality and no longer being hyped in any positive manner...

Hey we seen this before...

Raptors4075d ago

And this is my problem with some of the people on this site. Before it was..."Oh LA Noire is gonna blow everything on the 360 cause its gonna take full advantage of the cell and blu ray" to now "oh well, I forgot about this game anyway". Its pathetic how biased some of the people on this site are.

bunbun7774075d ago

You hate how people on this site don't think about what they say and have bias?

Newsflash we are bias- but don't lump us into FB status just yet- we think that better games can be developed and played on the ps3- that's it! I don't hate games based on pure exclusivity that's just silly and petulant.

It's because we think the PS3 can play better games. And if better games is too hard to understand because its really just an opinion- then let me put a name to it-


If anyone thinks that these 4 games could run on the 360 and look and function the same then please stand up and be recognized.

4075d ago
cereal_killa4075d ago


"Microsoft is not going to allow Rockstar to release any game exclusive to the PS3. Sony might even have an agreement signed in blood for exclusivity but Microsoft will pay the contract penalty on Rockstar's behalf to have it broken and throw in some extra money to boot so there will never be an exclusive for this game or any other."

Do you have some sort of a link for this claim or do you work for M$ because this sounds like rubbish to me. I remember when i was speaking with a guy from EBgames about M$ getting this DLC and he told me that Sony had a choice to let M$ get GTA on the same day as the PS3 or get an exclusive game with new IP and from that you can see where that went so as far i what I've read and heard from the grapevine the PS3 will be getting an exclusive title from R*. and with M$ trying to claim the DLC is coming out in Nov. and R* saying we havn t released a date yet sounds to me that M$ is pushing for something and if they deliver garbage to M$ I can see M$ demanding there money back which will not happen and R* severs ties with M$ al together.

Gam714075d ago

sounds like rubbish to me as well.

A link?

also bunbun i think they can be played on a 360 and i am standing up.
Your point?
proof they can't be played on a 360? you're the one making scurrilous claims.

LastDance4075d ago

"Do you have some sort of a link for this claim or do you work for M$ because this sounds like rubbish to me"

Just look at any one of microsofts transactions in the past 2 years.
That's like saying you need proof that the RROD exists or that ps3 has a blu ray player.

AAACE54075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

First GTA 4 was shrouded in mystery, until it was announced as multiplat! Then Final Fantasy XIII went through something similar. And now L.A. Noire seems to be going through the same thing!

All of those titles were thought to be exclusives and released very little info until they were announced as multiplat. Could that mean that possibly any other titles with very little info, are considering going multiplat?

I know alot of games are going Multi, but is this the way for developers to let us know that it is about to?

@Fox01... LightningPs3 is just stirring things up and keeping N4G interesting by pushing peoples buttons! I like that! Which is why I give him/her a bubble when I see a post. Yes, I have noticed the back and forth thing and thought it was wierd until I figured it out!

thebadrash4074d ago

No one with any sense thought GTA:IV would be PS3 only. I think you're confusing exclusivity with DLC.

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DavidMacDougall4076d ago

They dont even know if its on 360 yet!

And even if it is its going to be the weaker version because ps3 will be lead and on 1 BLU RAY not 5 (OLD TECH) DVD9's and you bots all know your going to lose one of them discs to your old disc drive

---------Nona-------4076d ago

Absolutely true,the Bots lose once again

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4076d ago

...They still make games for the xBox 360??? ;-D

L.A. Noire??? Never heard of it!!! ;-D
It's not on my most Wanted List, so i don't care.

Anton Chigurh4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

Multiplat games

Bioshock looks the same after one extra year in development

star wars , PS3 was the lead console and both looks the same

Pure , Turok and more

sorry but, the old tech is still kicking $ony's A$$

tommy-cronin4076d ago

Who cares if it is on xbox. Oh no L.A Noire is coming to xbox who gives a sh!t. Mabye the company wants to make more money, if it were me I would put it on every console to get as much money as possible

KBDuB4075d ago

"Who cares if it is on xbox." The fanboys care..

LightningPS34076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

Give me a break, that title sounds like now it's 360 exclusive or something. And it's not.

Fox014076d ago

Now you're a PS3 fanboy? You should get both consoles since you seem unable to decide which one you like best.

avacadosnorkel4076d ago

In theory they could blow a fat wad on any third party game and spend so much that Sony wouldn't match it because it wouldn't make sense.

Never say never on MS having exclusivity

Gam714076d ago

So it was wholly sony funded and exclusive and an agreement for two other ps3 exclusives.

Sounds like sony do pay for exclusives.

mepsipax4075d ago

oh dear, what's this, both consoles will be able to experience this game? well sir, that just plains sucks, to think that a company would want more money and to have more people experience there game is just ridiculous, no but seriously, this is supposedly a very expensive game so unless sony wants to shell out some major cash to cover the difference and then some than rockstar would rather go multiplatform, and to the rest of you stop being such fanboys, to say this whole game won't fit on a dvd (or two) is ridiculous look at gtaIV, that had tons of dialogue and sounds, non repetitive environments, great animations, good graphics and they fit that on one dvd, not to shank blu ray (which is unreal for home theaters) I admit that we need to upgrade the capacity of our storage discs but blu ray was just sony thinking ahead, I think we'll start seeing problems with storage now (which we are) so yah, let's hope this game can be what I want it to be.

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THC CELL4076d ago

this is going to get debunked soon
it might of been in talk to go mp but after people like the GTA team say the state of GTA 4 well
will see

i wont put GTA 5 past been ps exclusive i bet they regret dev for xbox