Blend Games Review: Crysis Warhead

Crysis Warhead is like Crysis except it's only thirty bucks and your computer can actually run it. That's probably more than enough reason for PC shooter fans - a pretty neglected group these days - to pick it up. Still, a couple folks might be curious what exactly you're getting for your money so humor Blend Games while it goes through this whole "review" routine.

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Marceles4076d ago

"That's not the only odd aspect of the story. More baffling is the fact that the major villain of Warhead exists solely in the cut scenes - seriously, you don't fight him once in-game."

El_Colombiano4076d ago

Well duh. If you finished the original game you would know why not...

EvilCackle4075d ago

If you think it's such a mind-blowing spoiler, why'd you post it here for other people to inadvertently view?