The Silver Case Coming to PSN

1UP Writes: "We'll be bringing you a more in-depth look at the event next week after we sort through four hours of video, cull the best moments, and subtitle them accordingly, but needless to say Unlawful Assembly was jam-packed with seemingly endless industry tidbits that dropped with machine gun rapidity. The candor of the panelists was surprising in a country that typically guards its secrets with superhuman zeal. The only "news", per se, came in the form of Suda announcing that his early PlayStation 1 work The Silver Case will be coming to PSN (his EA project was strictly no comment), but the insights gleaned were fascinating."

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Laexerias4073d ago

I never even considered to harm a little sister in Bioshock! so whats the matter?
Nyah, okay they are japanese so they arent that good with shooters, okay, ill respect that. i love japan. and japan developers.. and japanese consoles... and just japanese consoles.. not american consoles, even when i bought one, its just for japanese games.

LightningPS34073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

How about some Blu ray games that are actually gonna move consoles?

PS3 is the most expensive console after all, you know...

Vicophine4073d ago

And this Fall's massive lineup of games has escaped you how?...

heyheyhey4073d ago

no such thing as too many PSN games- the service is picking up a lot of steam with awesome new games and it shouldn't stop now

Prismo_Fillusion4073d ago

You're complaining that there are TOO many games on the PS3?

That's There are no words.

gambare4073d ago

I guess lightning forgot his mantra about "digital downloads are the future" as every 360 lover preach

StephanieBBB4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

The ps3's biggest candidates for console movement is LBP and Killzone 2. Those two titles are out of this world imo. It almost feels like some alien race came to earth and beamed them down in to our laps.

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skyfire22614073d ago

Not it's not. the PS3 comes in at $399. right now the Xbox360 ELITE is $399 as well but before it was more expensive.

Yes it has cheaper flavors but I wanted to make as fair of a comparison as possible.

Sevir044073d ago

So all the third party and and first and second party games releasing this year for PS3 is nothing. you need help. you just ignored all the games even the ones that are not coming to 360 because you want to troll. i'm sorry, but that like me saying

Xbox 360 needs more games because nothing is appealing.... that was easy.

IVYvsTAKI4073d ago

PSN games too. What's better than buying a game or demo from the comfort of your own couch?

Games is games, I don't care if I gotta download them or go to a store and buy them there. The more the merrier.

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