The Independent: Wii sports is the greatest game of all time

In a recent article in the Independent, a UK daily newspaper, they listed their top 50 video games of all time. Surprisingly, they said Wii sports was the greatest game of all time...

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shadowghost7524071d ago

Wii sports the best game of all time?


MGS1 takes that title

Smacktard4071d ago

Metroid Prime and Ocarina of Time would like to have a word with you.

Fox014071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

No. It's Haze

Seriously though it's all based on your opinion and since I'm an RPG fan I'ld say my favorite games of all time are Fable and FFVII (so these are the best games in the planet imho). But again, that's just my opinion

TheColbertinator4071d ago

You guys need help.Soul Calibur 1 on the Dreamcast is teh bestest

SolidSnake934071d ago

No, it's Too Human.

Perjoss4071d ago

I've never written an article about nuclear physics, and that because i know nothing about it, this is the same reason that person should not really be writing about video games.

Real Gambler4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

So true! Though, but since you've invented the Delorean Time Machine, you should still be able to write a decent article : )

1 Wii sports: Likely deserve to be in the top 10 though. It's the game that sold the Wii and it still one of the best Wii game.

2 Braid: A small literally unknown puzzle game being second??? Let me guess, we are lucky this journalist was tired of playing Solitaire on his PC, because this could have been second, but I guess now we know what he is doing with his tremendous spare time.

3 Halo 3: Think the first Halo should be in the top 10. The third one? Probably close be no cigar.

4 Fallout 3: Wow, the game is now even out yet. Best of all time should not include future!!! Dang, Pacman deserve a top spot more than a game that has not been release yet!

5 Rockband: Top 5 material? Not even truly innovative.

Yes I would say in fact that this journalist know so little about gaming that quite likely, an article on nuclear physic would likely have been better : )

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DavidMacDougall4071d ago

No....just the Wii is killing video games but they are doing it with a smile and millions are following

Its a sad day for people with souls

unsunghero284071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

That's what we call BS.

Over the years I think I've probably read at least 1000 comments which claimed that the Wii "will kill," "is killing," or "has killed" video games.

Funny thing is that in all that time the video game industry has shown NO SIGNS of just going belly up.

I can understand complaints that the Wii's line-up is mostly shovelware; because it is. But looking at games coming out for the PS3 or 360 or PC (ex. Crysis, Bioshock, LittleBigPlanet, Metal Gear Solid 4, Gears of War) it seems to me that in this generation the video game industry, as a whole, is in a time of innovation and prosperity.

Now - is the Wii killing Nintendo's credibility? That's a debate for another day.

wazzim4071d ago

Wii sports is bs, Chrono Cross is the best IMO but Super Mario Bros 3 is extremely good too. These people are the new generation gamers and I dont like them!

Bazookajoe_834071d ago

Wii sports must be the only game he ever played..

keops34071d ago

wii sports is the best game for people that dont like games

but the worst I played ever

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