PSM3 Reviews: Bioshock, PES 2009, FIFA 09, Star Wars TFU, Mercs 2, TNA iMPACT & more

Here are the reviews from the latest copy of UK mag PSM3 (Issue 106).

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SWORDF1SH5300d ago

bioshock is finally on its way. TNA doesnt live up to its hype and PES lookin good. Fifa lookin good to. damn im gonna have to buy both football games.

Hydrolex5299d ago (Edited 5299d ago )

PES 2009 > Fifa 09 according to the review ? PES comes in November

Konami is coming back

tocrazed4you5300d ago

Only interested in bioshock but only if lbp, fallout 3, and resistance 2 bomb than I would replace one of those with bioshock.

MK_Red5300d ago

Dude, get the BioShock if you haven't played it. It's a really great game and deserves to be played by all gamers. Waiting for any of those games to bomb is unfair because all of them will be great and all great games deserve attention and love.

Close_Second5299d ago

...I played BioShock on the 360 last year and it was a good experience albeit quite a scripted one. However, to those who have not played it you may wish to wait 4-5 weeks after its launched and pick it up second hand especially if like me, you're on a tight budget.

I remember buying BioShock new on the 360 at $119 NZD and within 4 weeks you could pick it up for $75 NZD off of second hand auction sites. Yes I know we should be showing some support for this game and buying new but you have to admit, the lead up to Xmas this year is packed with some pretty big releases and PS3 exclusives should be getting priority from PS3 owners.

ps360s5300d ago

TNA Impact game let me down...I was quite hype about this game when they announced it but looknig at the game now...well...I guess no buy but a rent hehe

Oh well Smackdown vs Raw looks like the champ again...hopefully SvR will be much better and has a fully roster unlike the last one!

and PES I can't wait! looking good.

krackchap5300d ago

but but but pure was motorstorm killer. LOL

Firstkn1ghT5300d ago (Edited 5300d ago )

Dude, Motorstorm averaged an 82%. Pure on the 360 is averaging 87%. Go ahead and disagree to facts! :)

5300d ago
thereapersson5300d ago

Pure has 11 reviews (360 version), whereas Motorstorm 1 has 60 official reviews. Therefore, your comparison is skewed, and also invalid as an actual arguement. Also, Motorstorm was a LAUNCH title for the PS3, whereas PURE is a game that is being released in the second year of the 360's lifespan, and second year of the PS3's lifespan.

Try this comparison again when Motorstorm 2 is released, and then see where your stealth trolling gets you.

Jamie Foxx5300d ago (Edited 5300d ago )

isnt it the 3rd year of the 360s lifespan?

and with ps3 there were alot of game reviews at the start of the ps3s lifcycle which were rated negativly due to the awful stench that surrounded the ps3 at first.

only problem i had with motorstorm was lack of split screen

LastDance5300d ago

Devo...that means GTA4 IS the best game of all time.

MazzingerZ5300d ago

As far as I know PURE is also out on the PS3 so PS3 owners can choose the one they like best, I'm sure many will choose PURE and many others Motorstorm 2 and many many willo play both...and all this is only possible if you own a PS3.

thereapersson5300d ago (Edited 5300d ago )

Whoops, that's what I meant! For some reason when I read my comment, I could've sworn it said "third", but now I read it and it says "second". So yes, I meant third year of the 360's lifespan. And you're right, in the fact that there were many reviewers that would knock points off a game on the PS3 just because it was on the system. Sad, really, though i'm glad that things aren't nearly as bad now as they used to be.

masterg5300d ago

MotorStorm 1 is still the best nextgen racer.
Trust me, I have played them all.
But then again I would have rated MotorStorm at 93%.
The gameplay in itself is a 100%.

Why o why5300d ago

still aint worked out that reviews are subjective. I tell you what. Try them both and then make an opinion. The 'fact' that you're comparing a game in the 3rd year to a launch game is a stretch even for you. I thought you calmed down a touch. Anyway compare Motorstorm 2 to pure then at least you can bicker about titles on a level playing field.

JBaby3435299d ago

You got owned. Keep your stupid fud comments to yourself.

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Shankle5300d ago

Very excited about PES beating FIFA but I want a bloody demo!!!

kosha5299d ago (Edited 5299d ago )

Yeah the last pes demo came out after the game was released so it was useless to me, as I buy pes first day.