25 Ways to beat the Credit Crunch

The Credit Crunch is all over the news right now and it's having an impact on everything, including your love of videogames. Basically, the Credit Crunch began in America when banks lent money to people without jobs who live in trailer parks and then were shocked when the loans never got repaid. We're all paying for those loans. Nice.

Historically, us gamers are a hardy bunch and recessions (erm, Credit Crunch) don't stop us playing. The last time the country tightened its belt, gamers were still banging on the locked doors of HMV willing to pay over £80 for a copy of Street Fighter II Turbo because it came in a fancy limited-edition tin.

But the hard times are hitting. Pivotal, the UK developer behind the Conflict series, has closed and even super-publisher Activision Blizzard is shedding some of its games line-up for the coming year (with release dates for Ghostbusters, World In Conflict and Brutal Legend all up in the air). So, to help you out (and make the most of the lean times ahead) here are 25 ways to save money and play PS3 games on the cheap, it could help...

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thereapersson4076d ago

I like how they highlight not only stuff from this current generation, but also recommend games from last generation that people might have missed. I'm sure that some people have a different list than they do, but their original point is the same.

BTW, that staying inside thing works great when it comes to protecting the pocketbook; I know that whenever I stay home on my days off and play games or do whatever else, it definitely prevents me from blowing my paycheck on stuff that doesn't matter.

Captain Tuttle4076d ago

When it comes down to it, gaming (especially MP) is an excellent value when it comes to dollars spent per hour. It can be an expensive hobby to start though.

thereapersson4076d ago

Even more so, games that have a ton of replay value, such as puzzle games, or strategy titles, can keep gamers busy for days on end.