Mirror's Edge Pre-order bonuses

UK retailer GAME is offering preorder bonuses for Mirror's Edge. The item is a Fenchurch T-shirt with main charcter Faith on the front. The t-shirts are availiable in Medium and Large.

More details after link.

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DavidMacDougall4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

This is gettin out of control i dont preorder anything and im never going to stop cutting bits off your game for f**king £5 (FAr CRy)

ShinFuYux4071d ago

gamestop will give you faith's yellow runner bag if you preorder it online~

A BAG!!!!!!!

UnwanteDreamz4071d ago

This game looks cool but seriously how many games can win game of the year anyway? Everytime I turn around this game or that game is gonna be game of the year. Half of these games havn't even released yet. This crap gets old.

kalel3334071d ago

hahaha they're already desperate trying to give you freebies so you pre-order the game lol

FantasyStar4071d ago

Nothing in this world is "free"

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