The Scorpio King: Microsoft. E3. 2017.

I’m going to start this article by first saying that this is all purely speculation. Everything I come up with could be completely wrong, or completely right. Either way, we won’t know as much until Project Scorpio is on store shelves, and in the living rooms of people around the world. With that being said it is always fun to toy around with what could happen, and try to see a little glimpse in to the future.

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stuna11474d ago

Right now the Xbox brand is like a aircraft on auto pilot with no one in the cockpit! They have no true control outside of where the navigation system leads them, and at this point flying on fumes with nowhere and no one to land them.

bugogefed1472d ago

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Letthewookiewin1472d ago

I hate you and your mother.

stuna11472d ago


Yeah and your comment is a perfect response to a bot!

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Bigpappy1474d ago

I see the Xbox experts have it all covered. All they need to do is make more exclusives and they with beat Sony. Scorpio is a waste of time and Phil needs to be axed so Xbox can become more like PS.
I think I have seen these solutions before. In fact, every time Scorpio is mentioned or Phil make a tweet, it is the people playing the same tune.
As long as there have been Xbox, I have owned one. I am very happy with Phil and I am excited to see where he take us from here. I don't want an Xbox like a PS, I like Xbox being Xbox and PS being PS. You just keep what you have and let us keep what we have. I will all work itself out. M$ is in a little bit of a stale mate at the moment, but every console manufacturer has these moments where they need to gather themselves and get their groove back. They need to grab lots of attention to keep the growth going. Hopefully they are able to do that at E3. But that is the business side. As an Xbox gamer: My console has worked flawlessly and my games play very well on it; I look forward to see what Scorpio does to improve on those good experiences.

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The story is too old to be commented.