Online Shooters are too Damn Hard – Solutions for the Aged and Busy

That’s it! I’ve had enough of online multiplayer shooters. You can keep your Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remasterd, your Titanfall 2 and your Battelfield One – and don’t even get me started on Infinite Warfare. The last thing that I want at the end of the day is to be constantly shot into oblivion by a bunch of kids who are terrifyingly good at online shooters... Read More

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633d ago
REDGUM633d ago

Cool. An article written just for me!. This is me to a tee..

getbacktogaming633d ago

Damn same here... I have regressed to playing only silly party games now (you heard of Gang Beasts lmao?) as I feel so inadequate :/

PurpHerbison633d ago

No matter what online game you play there will always be people better than you. Good thing the FPS games of today aren't nearly as hard as the FPS games we had over a decade ago.

Rare633d ago

it's true, imagine this old fart op trying his hand in a little counter strike..

Cobra951633d ago

Which is exactly why they're only fun for a select elite crowd of players. Everyone else is just cannon fodder for that crowd to get their jollies. I've never enjoyed this kind of entertainment. Most people will always be getting their ass handed to them, and where's the fun in that?

T2X633d ago

Actually, I own every COD, BF, as well as Star Wars BF. i Have been playing these games for many years. I also have gotten...older and......slower. But, I still play every chance I get. As I've learned, the point for me isn't to be the best, but just to enjoy my time. I love the campaigns. Most COD games are just twitch games anyway. You may surprise yourself and come out at the top of the leader board once in a blue moon! The important things are that you have fun and keep trying. But there are certain games with servers like the ones the author is describing. More so in BF than in COD. Remember SOCOM anyone?! LOL. Now THAT was a team oriented game. I used to get thrown out if I wasn't on my game!

BenRC01633d ago

Some people just suck. Its not age, it's not lack of practice or reaction times, some people are just rubbish at games in general.
Also some people go out and buy the cheapest tv they can with no research and end up with 150ms of input lag, connect by Wi-Fi to a router 2 floors down, play while their wife streams 4k content while shopping online, kids watching Netflix and on ipads, then wonder why everyone gets the drop on them.

jrshankill632d ago

Yeah.. you missed the point of the article.

BenRC01632d ago

No I didn't. It was satire, I'm fully aware thanks. Was referring to the previous comment.

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