Xbox chief Phil Spencer looks ahead to an epic lineup of Xbox games in 2017 | On MSFT

If you followed yesterday's livestream event celebrating the launch of the Xbox One/Windows 10 exclusive Halo Wars 2, you may have spotted Xbox head Phil Spencer making a quick appearance at the end of the show.

ShottyatLaw2702d ago

Oh, this will go over well...

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lelo2play2702d ago

"... looks ahead to an epic lineup of Xbox games in 2017"

Hummm... what?

Artemus2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

If I had a penny for every time Phil said "look forward to an epic lineup for Xbox" and then underdelivers I'd be a millionaire.

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xer02702d ago

Don't they say the same thing every year?

As for Exclusives.., based on what he said, Xbox Scorpio will be receiving PC exclusives.
But I am not sure if the PC master race, will want to adopt a puny 6TFP Scorpio over a 10+TFP PC.

Which market is Scorpio aimed at?

ninsigma2702d ago

They're calling it a console so I guess the console market.

freshslicepizza2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

scorpio is aimed at kind of the same market ps4 pro is, console gamers who want the best possible performance.

state of decay 2 looks great, sea of thieves 2 looks awesome, who knows about crackdown 3 because most of the talk has been about its destruction capabilities but the first game was awesome.

reboots or remasters are always popular and i never did play voodoo vince so that will be cool. so far halo wars 2 is off to a great start, if you are interested in rts games it is very good and i recommend getting the deluxe version which includes the first game. looks and runs incredible on my pc.

other than that it is great to see some good looking indie games coming but phil needs to do more to the bring to the table with big aaa games. we will see just how serious they are with new ip's and putting money behind them.

rainslacker2701d ago

The market called Xbox gamers. They seem to be the only one's interested at the moment. Might change when they get closer to release.

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Nyxus2702d ago

I hope it's true. Maybe they'll surprise us at E3, who knows.

Rimeskeem2702d ago

At this point it's not whether they surprise us. It's whether those surprises are maintained and fully developed.

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nojexol2702d ago

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TheCommentator2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

I really think that since Halo Wars 2 dropped this year, and we therefore already have a Halo for 2017, that 343 has secretly been working on a new IP. Halo's second trilogy only has one episode left, and it would be bettter IMO to have a new franchise debut before the last Halo. 343 could get feedback on "the new IP" and improve upon it while making Halo 6 for 2019 (after Gears 5 2018). It's just wild speculation on my part and there's no evidence to back any of this up... it's just a hunch.

rainslacker2701d ago

If they are, then it's not likely for this year. Might hit next year if they started right after the last Halo.

TheCommentator2700d ago

Halo comes every other year. What makes you think it will take an extra year to make a new IP? It's plausable that 343 has been working on the concept for a new IP in the background just like Bungie did with the idea for Destiny while making Halo 3.

LackTrue4K2701d ago

Not looking @ E3 for surprises (anybody over 10)

We looking for real games...

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Automatic792702d ago

For those who have not read the press release today on Xbox Wire, please let me clarify. Today is the launch of a first party title, Halo Wars 2. In the press release by stating there will be more first party titles this year than last year. After the release of Halo Wars we have during Spring, Voodoo Vince and Phantom Dust. The ID@Xbox program is going to have fantastic console exclusives like Tacoma and Cup, plus titles like below and We happy few are be released. He can't wait to show off State of Decay, Crackdown 3, Sea of thieves Plus more at E3. Further he thanked the third party partners.

Utalkin2me2702d ago


Thanks, you keep proving the point about what everyone is saying. No games. By the time E3 is here, the year is half over. And even then, he said show and not release. Will they probably lump all their exclusives in fall release as they always do, im totally sure.

TheCommentator2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

Automatic listed several games in his post, plus MS has more to reveal at E3. MS has been known to reveal games at E3 that launch a few months later, and with Scorpio coming I'm sure that they want to reveal the console and new games together to have an exciting show.

Besides, if MS release all their games in the fall, or the spring, or whatever, who cares? I buy the games when I feel like playing them, not all at once or as day one releases. Sometimes I can even get the games on the cheap if I wait a while and hat's true no matter which side you fanboy on.

Edit: I think you need to look up the difference between "no" and "not as many". You're confusing the two.

chrisx2702d ago

Epic line up of games for the xbone in 2017....wasnt last year 'the greatest lineup in gaming history' and that was a real dud....once bitten twice shy...

Kingthrash3602702d ago

And 2016...and 2017. U need a link?

badz1492702d ago

really? I thought "greatest lineup in Xbox history" was for 2015 only. I don't think I heard them parading that slogan last year

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