Sega Announced Dawn of War 3: Prophecy of War

Dawn of War 3: Prophecy of War sets to arrive this year

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SaveFerris2672d ago

I think you may want to make a couple of corrections to the title and article.

MadeForGaming2672d ago

too fast to make it first, and hence the stupidity :) Thanks

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Which game deserves a No Man's Sky-style comeback?

No Man's Sky is an interesting case study for a game staging a comeback, as it were. So, which game deserves a No Man's Sky-style comeback? It can be any singleplayer or online game that didn't quite reach its potential, or the audience it deserved. Maybe it was a patch or expansion away from being really good.

Kupa2146d ago

The article mentions Destiny 2, which I agree with. Unfortunately, I think they can only get that redemption if they release Forsaken for free (which will never happen) or if they make free all existing DLC in anticipation for it. The problem with Destiny 2 and its relationship with the community is that they've nickeled and dimed their base, which isn't going to be solved with another $40 charge to get another piece of the experience they were promised.

fiveby92144d ago

I believe I read an article recently about upcoming MCC changes inbound.

Fist4achin2144d ago

Half Life 2 episode...


DaFeelz2144d ago

Dead Space, Burnout and SSX. Ironically, three EA games. Each one, trashed and more than deserving of a comeback.

Nacho_Z2144d ago

Three great calls. If I could only pick one it'd be SSX. I'm not that bothered about online games but I'm sure it'd be a success in that regard.

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Playstation Universe (PS3): Lost Planet 2 Review

Steven Williamson writes: Despite its shortcomings and lukewarm response from the gaming press, the original Lost Planet showed signs of greatness that boded well for future iterations of the franchise. After all, what is there not to like about obliterating gigantic creatures the size of skyscrapers with a range of explosive weaponry and super-powered mechanical suits? That same concept still applies to Lost Planet 2; however Capcom has created a game that is now all about the multiplayer, co-op experience with a campaign backed up by an interweaving storyline that sees you switching between different groups of pirates from the planet EDN III. With the promise of bigger beasts, new weapons and brand new environments, plus the addition of a robust multiplayer component, it certainly sounds as though Capcom has learnt lessons and is heading in the right direction with its Akrid-killing bullet-fest. Let's see...


Make War, Not Love This Valentine's Day With Sega RTS Games

Sega is holding its annual Make War Not Love event, which offers plenty of deals on RTS games and the promise of free prizes.

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