Gamer2.0: Star Wars Force Unleashed Review

Gamer2.0 Writes:

"Lightsaber fighting is fun, considering Starkiller jumps around like a spastic monkey when he fights, but relying too heavily on your saber skills without upgrading is never a viable option. Later on in the game, enemies soon begin carrying anti-lightsaber weapons (such as electric-pointed sticks) that totally render your lightsaber useless (It's a wonder why all the enemies don't carry such a powerful tool). Some enemies are also invulnerable to you from force powers by utilizing some rare force-drought mechanism. Whatever the case, knowing the boundaries to take down enemies usually requires trial-and-error and knowing whether to use force powers or your lightsaber to take down foes. It's not a relatively suitable scenario, but then again it would not be logical for you to completely plow through every enemy in the game."

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